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Brand Awareness Essentials 5: How to create brand awareness for new products

by Tiegan Mehmi on

Launching a new product? Want everyone to know about it? In the fifth instalment of our Brand Awareness Essentials series, find out how to create brand awareness for new products.

So, you’ve established your business, built your brand, and now you’re looking to launch some new products. You want to keep your customers engaged and ensure people are talking about your upcoming release. Or, you’re a start-up business getting ready to launch your very first product or service. Either way, we’re here to tell you the same thing: brand awareness is absolutely crucial.

Wondering how to create brand awareness for new products? In this article, we tell you everything you need to know including what brand awareness is, why product launches are important and how to get started.

How to create brand awareness for new products: table of contents

  1. What is brand awareness? 
  2. The importance of new product launches 
    i. Reputation
    ii. Attention
    iii. Sales
  3. How to create brand awareness for new products: actions to take 
    i. Emails
    ii. Influencer partnerships
    iii. Incentives
    iv. Blogs
    v. Feedback

What is brand awareness?

If you’re trying to find out how to create brand awareness for new products, the first step is gaining an understanding of brand awareness itself. The clue is in the name –  brand awareness is essentially a measure of how aware a person is of your brand. It really is that simple!

Think of a big brand. Think of their logo. It’s as easy as that – you already recognise their business, and could probably recall some of their products and services, maybe even a specific item. We’d imagine you’re already beginning to recognise the importance of brand awareness when it comes to new products – not only will your sales increase, but your marketing strategy becomes much more straightforward.

You can find out more about what brand awareness is and what it does throughout our series on Brand Awareness Essentials.

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The importance of new product launches

Before we tell you how to create brand awareness for new products, we want to find out: why are product launches so important? We know what you’re thinking – surely this is incredibly self-explanatory? In actual fact, it’s easy to assume that a new product launch is about driving sales and sales alone. Your products represent your business as a whole, and a new launch can do much more for your company, including enhance your reputation, grab the attention of current and potential customers, and drive leads.

Boost your reputation

If you’re launching a new product, you’re probably aiming to address a gap in the market. You want to give your customers something they’ve been waiting for, and preferably something they will struggle to find elsewhere. By being the company to provide this, you will undoubtedly improve your reputation and gain admiration and respect from clients.

Even better, is your new product something people have been specifically asking for? If you can demonstrate that you have responded to customer feedback and desire, your reputation will be glowing.

Encourage people to pay attention to your business

A successful product launch not only draws attention to the specific product in question, but also your past and future products and services. When you’re creating your launch ads, make sure to include links to your website, social media accounts and any relevant products. Don’t forget, new customers can quickly become loyal ones.

You may even be pleasantly surprised – what if your product launch attracts not only customers but also prospective business leads? It’s quite common for businesses and investors to request partnerships with successful companies, especially if they want to get in on the action!

Drive product sales

Now to the section that is self-explanatory. It goes without saying that product revenue is an important factor for all businesses, and learning how to create brand awareness for new products will inevitably drive this upwards. The more successful the brand awareness, the more visible your business is and the more customers you will acquire. More customers mean more sales, which means higher revenue and increased profits.

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How to create brand awareness for new products: actions to take

On to the nitty-gritty details – how to create brand awareness for new products. We’ll be honest, this isn’t always simple. It probably depends on how much brand awareness you have already created before this point – if your customers are literally waiting for your product launch, your life is much easier. However, this isn’t always the case, especially if you are a relatively new business. Read on for some suggestions on what actions to take; this will excite your target market, build trust, and increase your chance of success.

Email loyal customers

If you’re an established brand, you will know that some customers are particularly loyal. Maybe they’ve subscribed to your email updates or blog posts. To reward this loyalty, you should consider letting them know about your upcoming product before it is released or advertised generally. If you make them feel special, you’re almost guaranteed a sale – especially if they frequently invest in your business.

Make deals with influencers

In the 21st century, influencer marketing is a huge contributor to brand awareness. The e-commerce space is becoming more and more competitive, so why not increase your credibility by suggesting a partnership? Start by doing some research, and make sure your chosen influencer is relevant to your niche. Then, there’s no harm in reaching out and suggesting a deal.

Incentivise your customers

Everybody – and we mean everybody – loves a freebie. While it’s important to not be too generous with your deals, a competition, discount or offer can go a long way when it comes to creating brand awareness for new products.

A good idea may be to run a competition where a few winners will receive your new product, free of charge. These people will hopefully advertise their win/your product on social media, effectively encouraging your brand awareness.

Another popular incentive is to offer discounts to customers who are happy to pre-order your new product. Make sure this is for a limited time only – if you give people all the time in the world, they are less likely to make an urgent purchase.

Educate your customers via blogs

When it comes to brand awareness, it’s not all about selling your new product. In order to gain trust and be seen as a reputable and knowledgable brand, you need to showcase your expertise through educational blog posts. Read around your target market and show your customers why your products are worth a purchase, rather than telling them directly. This won’t necessarily drive your sales straight off the bat, however, it will increase your brand’s value. Plus, there’s no harm in adding a call to action at the end of your blog post – why not direct your customer to your web page or e-commerce store?

Get feedback and showcase this on website

If your brand awareness strategies and campaigns have been successful, you should find that word of mouth if your new best friend. These days, people rely on positive feedback and testimonials, so you ideally need to have these in abundance. Showcase your feedback as quickly as possible, whether this is on social media or your website.

In 2021, the world of marketing is almost entirely online – find out how to improve brand awareness online right here. 

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How to create brand awareness for new products: do your products justice

Here at Copify, we recognise how much time and effort goes into the creation of a new product, so it’s important that you do it justice.

Whether you need compelling product descriptions or informative and engaging web pages, our expert copywriters can help. 

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