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Brand Awareness Essentials: 2. How to improve brand awareness online

Next in our Brand Awareness Essentials series, we explore how to improve brand awareness online, including why it is important and how to engage and connect with your customers.

Are you a business that wants to know how to improve brand awareness online? If you want to drive, hit and exceed your performance and marketing goals, the information in this blog will be absolutely essential. The aim of any business is to dominate your target market, which can only be achieved by targeting the right audiences and putting yourself on the map. In this article, we explore what online brand awareness is, how to establish it, and how to make improvements.

How to improve brand awareness online: table of contents

  1. What is brand awareness and why is it important?
  2. How to improve brand awareness online: getting established
    i. Connect with your audience
    ii. Be sociable online
  3. Increasing and improving brand awareness
    i. Social media
    ii. Native advertising
    iii. Influencer partnerships

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What is brand awareness and why is it important?

Brand awareness has always been important. Now, with much of the world going online, the goalposts have moved, and improving brand awareness online is crucial. You don’t want your business to get left behind, as research tells us that 50% of brand awareness now comes from being sociable online.

The ultimate goal is to get people talking about your products or services, but to achieve this, you need to connect with people. Your audience needs to know about your ethos, goals, ideals, USPs. They need to want to choose your business, preferably time and time again!

A memorable and established brand encourages trust, association, brand equity, and ultimately, a positive relationship with your customers. You can find out more about what brand awareness does here.

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How to improve brand awareness online: Getting established

Establishing brand awareness online takes time, effort, and – we won’t lie to you – patience. Unfortunately, successful brands cannot be built overnight, and a few simple advertisements won’t make the cut. Stay motivated, and remember to be passionate about what you are offering. If you don’t believe in your business, it’s almost a given that nobody else will.

Here are a couple of our top tips for initially establishing a brand online…

Connect with your audience on an emotional level

It isn’t enough to inform people about your products and services – odds are, they can probably find these elsewhere.

Establishing and improving brand awareness online involves creating a relationship with your target market, inspiring and appealing to your customers. When people see your business name or logo online, you want them to automatically think and comment something positive.

Try to develop an exciting and unique tone for your brand. As long as this is in keeping with the nature of your business it’ll ensure you are more memorable and easier to market online.

Be sociable online

Businesses are like friends – if they don’t make the effort to be sociable, you won’t get this in return! When establishing your brand, social media is essential.

As of 2020, 67% of B2B businesses were using Twitter for digital marketing and Facebook is as popular as ever. However, when it comes to improving brand awareness online, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest social media trends.

Right now, TikTok could be your new best friend, having quickly become one of the top social media sites in the world. You can use this platform to express your business’ brand, and get creative.

Remember, it’s not enough to simply post about your business – customers respond to interaction, comments, likes, questions, shares, even competitions. Everyone loves a discount or a freebie, so why not use this to entice people to visit your website?

Plus, never underestimate the power of a share button. The easier it is to share your content or advertisements, the more you are going to get noticed, and the more your target market will contribute to building your brand awareness.

Need help with social media marketing? We’ve got you covered.

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How to improve brand awareness online: Increasing and improving brand awareness

Once you’ve started to establish your brand awareness, the hard work continues! Brand awareness can always be improved, and going online allows us to explore more innovative, exciting, and successful ideas.

Read on for some of our best suggestions…

Run social media ads

As mentioned above, sociability is crucial for improving brand awareness online. Once you have established an online brand, you can further increase engagement metrics and followings by launching ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This technology is a great way to discover who your target market is and what their behaviours are. You can also target specific users based on their preferences, making marketing much more straightforward.

Make use of native advertising strategies

Native advertising involves creating adverts that truly belong on your page. The behaviour, content and design should be satisfying and cohesive, adding value to your users.

Gone are the days when advertisements were restricted to newspapers and magazines, now, the world is your oyster! Native advertisements allow your audience to engage with your brand, encouraging awareness without the frustration of pop-ups.

Create partnerships with influencers

Improving brand awareness online involves reaching hundreds of people at once. But what if it could be thousands? Millions? When you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, you may want to consider a partnership with a relevant influencer.

If someone with an existing following talks about or appears to be an advocate for your brand, you’re on to a winner. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations, while 86% of marketers are using influencers as a marketing technique.

To get started, we recommend using social channels to search for appropriate keywords. Next, you’ll need to search through the content to find who may be most beneficial to your brand. Then, it’s all about reaching out with partnership suggestions!

Drive your customers’ decisions by improving brand awareness online

Establishing and improving your brand’s online awareness is crucial for business growth. As well as helping to enquire customers in the first place, a successful brand will retain their clients and get talked about by their regulars. Your brand needs to feel comfortable and familiar, meaning people are more likely to invest in your products and services as opposed to switching to one of your competitors. Remember – perseverance is the key to marketing success.

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