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Brand Awareness Essentials: 1. What is brand awareness – definition, tips & tricks

Wondering what brand awareness is? Interested in how you can increase your brand awareness? In the first instalment of our Brand Awareness Essentials series, we define brand awareness and give you our best tips and tricks for establishing and improving brand awareness online.

Brand awareness is a measure of how many people are aware of your brand, and the extent to which they can recall it. There are many ways you can increase your brand awareness, but first, we’ll explore what this term means and why it’s important for your growing business. In this article, we answer all of your questions – what is brand awareness’ definition? How is brand awareness measured? What are the benefits? Read on to find out more…

What is brand awareness: definition, tips & tricks table of contents

1. What is brand awareness: definition
2. What is brand awarenes: the benefits
i. Reputable
ii. Simple marketing
iii. Stable
iv. Trustworthy
3. How is brand awareness measured?
i. Qualitative metrics
ii. Quantitative metrics

What is brand awareness: definition

Brand awareness is…

The degree to which consumers know or remember a particular product, service, company or person in an advertisement or marketing campaign. It refers to the ability of a product or service name, logo, and related information such as taglines and slogans to be recognised by an individual, as well as how much trust consumers have in the product or service.

Essentially, it’s a measure of how likely someone is to buy your product or service after being exposed to your company and its brand.

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What is brand awareness: the benefits

Good brand awareness will inevitably affect the performance of your business. Whether this is related to pricing, marketing strategies or customer service, brand awareness can be the key to success. Here at You can check out our latest tips for improving brand awareness online here.

3. It gives the brand stability

Brand awareness can also give your company more stability in the marketplace, which means customers won’t be as tempted by your competitors. It also means the customer knows who you are or what your company does, even if they don’t actively purchase from you. This knowledge can be generated by word-of-mouth, advertisements, or any other way of letting people know about your business. A great way to improve your brand awareness is by partnering with other businesses, which will bring you new customers and cause people to associate you with a well-established, trustworthy association.

4. Brand awareness encourages trust

It’s a lot easier to sell your products when customers already know about them and trust you. Particularly in the 21st century, trust is essential for businesses. Many consumers rely on recommendations from friends and family, research and positive reviews. In fact, according to Five9’s Customer Service Index 2020 Report, as many as 72% of business leaders consider trust in the company or seller to be of utmost importance. Plus, trust in your brand evokes loyalty, meaning people are less likely to look elsewhere.

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What is a typical goal in terms of establishing or improving your brand awareness?

Some companies may only want their target audience to know about them and would be satisfied with just achieving some measure of awareness. Others may want consumers to not only be aware of the company but also to buy their products or services – thus, they would want to increase their brand awareness. It’s important to understand your unique company goals and tailor your brand awareness strategies to match these.

How is brand awareness measured?

Brand awareness is typically measured by looking at the advertising exposure and the number of people who have been reached. An example would be when you see an advertisement for Nike shoes that mention ‘Just do it’ as their slogan – the more often you see these advertisements, the more likely you are to have a higher level of brand awareness. You’re also more likely to discuss this brand with your peers or recognise it when you’re out and about. When you increase your brand awareness, you are also increasing your potential customers.

Measuring your brand awareness can be pretty daunting, especially when you’re starting out. However, this is the only way to recognise what improvements need to be made. To help out, we’ve provided a brief guide to brand awareness metrics, which can be divided into qualitative and quantitative.

Brand awareness: qualitative metrics

  • Monitor the volume of mentions your brand is getting online. Social media is your new best friend.
  • Make use of surveys. Get started by simply asking people whether they have heard of your brand. You’ll not only receive brand awareness metrics, but also invaluable company feedback.

Brand awareness: quantitative metrics

  • Measure your direct traffic to see how many potential customers have accessed your website/typed your URL into the search bar. This way, you’ll know how many people are specifically looking for your products or services.
  • Take note of engagement on social media – how many likes, comments, shares are your posts getting? You might even want to try a media monitoring tool such as Brand 24 to make this a simple process.

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What is brand awareness: start establishing your brand

Brands are made up of three things: an identity, a set of promises and a personality. To establish your brand online, it’s important to ensure all three components are well-established. To begin with, think about what you want your business identity to be and how this will affect the promises you make to customers. Establishing your own unique logo or colour scheme can be an effective way of making people aware of who you are when they come across images related to your company. Remember, the best brands are simple, eye-catching and memorable.

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Next up in the Brand Awareness Essentials series…

Next time, we discuss how to improve brand awareness online. Find out how to hit and exceed your performance goals and dominant your target market with an excellent online presence. 

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