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How much does content creation cost?

Read Time 12 mins | Written by: Mike Whitford

Content creation is crucial to the very fabric of the digital world we inhabit. The number of websites online is unfathomable and continues to grow by the day.

Many of those websites have audiences that expect a constant stream of new content to consume. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok are built entirely on user-generated content.

It’s no surprise then that so many marketers, business owners and web designers want to know how much does content creation cost?

Let’s look at precisely what content creation is and how much it should cost you on average.

Table of contents

  1. What does content creation mean?
  2. How much does content creation cost for written content?
    i. Social media content creation pricing
    ii. Freelance content creation vs agency rates
  3. How much does content creation cost for photography or digital art?
  4. How to hire content creators affordably

What does content creation mean?


Content creation is exactly what it sounds like; the creation of digital and online content. However, it can mean subtly different things in different contexts.

For example, as far as YouTubers are concerned, content creation refers to their individual process for producing videos for their channels and any other digital media they make for their audience.

For a marketer, on the other hand, content creation is often a service they buy from others, rather than something they take part in themselves.

Content creation is also separate from content marketing, although they are intimately linked.

So, for the purposes of this article, content creation refers to the creation of digital content, be it words, images, or anything else. We are assuming that you’re only buying the content, and there are no marketing or other services involved.

How much does content creation cost for written content?

It goes without saying that there’s no set price for content creation service. Instead, the amount you pay for content can vary according to a wide range of factors.

For example, hiring a content creation agency on an ongoing basis can cost thousands of pounds every month, whereas placing individual orders directly with a freelancer might cost less than £100. Obviously, the type and volume of content you’re ordering will impact the price.

If all you need is the content and you don’t require any assistance in marketing it, publishing it or deploying it, your costs will be minimal, although they can still climb quite high. But if you also need additional services, like marketing or promoting content, these will add to your costs, especially if you need to hire a separate freelancer or agency to manage those additional aspects for you.

If you're wondering how much do content creators charge, then content writers can either charge by the hour, day or by the word. While there's lots of fluctuation depending on the market, the experience level and so on, one survey found that the average day rate for an experienced copywriter is £387. 

As with any service, you get what you pay for. Beware those services that seem too cheap to be true, and those that trick you into spending more than you realistically need (and can afford).

Social media content creation pricing


Social media platforms are vital marketing tools for many modern businesses, but running social media accounts isn’t as simple as it might seem. To maximise their return and use social media to its full effectiveness, businesses and brands need to tailor the content they share on each account to the platform it’s on.

For example, Twitter content needs to fit within the 280-character limit that is the platform’s trademark. On the other hand, Facebook doesn’t impose such restrictions and is better suited to long-form content.

Social media content creators produce content ready to upload to the appropriate platform. Once again, social media marketers offer a more holistic service, handling day-to-day account management. Content creation can be a component of these marketing services or a standalone offering.

The cost of social media content creation varies wildly depending on numerous factors. For example, some content creators only produce content for specific platforms and those that are well-versed in multiple social media services command a higher premium. Many social media marketers and content creators will also base their pricing on who their client is and what their goals and expectations are. Creating content for some of the most active social media profiles is a full-time job in itself.

Freelance content creation vs agency rates

Anyone looking to hire a content creator will need to decide whether they go with an agency or work directly with a freelancer. There are pros and cons to both options, and neither is inherently better than the other.

Agencies will generally charge more than freelancers because their overheads are greater. However, they provide additional resources that individual freelancers would struggle to match.

You should weigh up the pros and cons of both before deciding which is best for you. Those who need the extra heft of an agency shouldn’t be afraid of paying a bit more to get it.

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How much does content creation cost for photography or digital art?


The cost of hiring a digital artist or photographer to help create content for you will depend on whether you are requesting something original or buying something they have already produced.

If you need your visual content to be unique, you’ll either need to commission a bespoke piece or purchase the full rights so that you own the work in its entirety.

Many visual content creators make their money by selling the same assets to multiple clients. Buying something that’s already been made is usually cheaper than requesting something new and specific. If you buy a licence for a graphic, meaning others can buy it after you and have equal rights to use it, it will be cheaper than purchasing the full rights.

Content creation is a booming industry and a vital one for many organisations. But the cost of content creation services can be unpredictable.

When assessing your options, look beyond the price and try to find out about the content creator themselves. It’s worth paying more for reliable service and better than paying less while receiving even less.

How to hire content creators affordably

Just because you don't have a big marketing budget shouldn't mean you can't afford to have professional, experienced writers producing your content. There are multiple avenues to getting great content, such as engaging a junior freelancer directly or using an agency.

Even within content agencies, there's a lot of discrepancy in price. Some will charge more for having large offices while others may charge for add-on services such as SEO or digital marketing that you might not need. There is another option though, such as hiring an on-demand content creation agency that is focused on offering quality at affordable prices.  

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