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The best blogging courses

by Molly Forsyth on

Writing is one of the most obvious career moves for talented writers, but the reason the best blogging courses are still in demand is that what it takes to run a successful blog has become a longer list than simply being able to string a sentence together.

Is blogging still relevant?

The rise of the blogger during the 2000s was an exciting time when social media was still in its infancy. The idea that an individual could make their own footprint by sharing personal stories and expertise was capitalised on to great effect.

But many now feel that the boom is over, with vloggers and social media influencers overshadowing the bloggers. However, blogging is still relevant in many areas of interest where written content is key, such as cooking, travel, marketing and journalism.

What can the best blogging courses teach a writer?

The best blogging courses for writers in 2019 - Copify blog 5The biggest mistake writers make is assuming that blogging is all about writing. In fact, it is more like running a business. In order to effectively market and grow your blog, you will have to wear many hats.

In terms of marketing, you need to learn how to perform keyword research, understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and develop social media strategies.

You will also need technical skills, in particular, basic web development knowledge and an overview of preferable platforms that host blogs, as well as creative skills such as layout design, photography and filmmaking and the respective platforms used for editing (e.g. Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.).

Finally, you will need to understand the monetisation options open to you, from sponsored posts to native advertising and affiliate marketing.

The best blogging courses for beginners

These blogging courses are for those who need a complete introduction to what a blog is and how they function. If you'd like more advice on blogging in general and where to find help, check out the Copify blog for our top tips and suggestions on a variety of blogging topics.

Intentional Blogging, by Jeff Goins

When taking your first tentative steps into blogging, you may not want to make a huge initial financial investment into a blogging course. You may not want to risk spending money on disingenuous or ineffective content, or maybe you just want to make sure you actually want to pursue blogging before paying for any resources. Enter Jeff Goins. The best-selling author has curated a free, 12-step programme that focuses on honing inner creativity and personal insight in order to craft a compelling blog, in comparison to other courses that drill down potentially too much into data and research.

The Blog Village

The best blogging courses for writers in 2019 - Copify blog 4The Blog Village is a full-stack service that teaches you all the necessary computer skills for setting up a blog, from photo editing to understanding WordPress plugins. Upon subscription, you gain access to a literal digital village, where aspiring bloggers can share their progress and chat about ideas in the forum. The pricing levels are transparent and your subscription can be cancelled any time.

The best blogging courses for growth

Next in our list of the best blogging courses are programmes recommended for those initiated in blogging but who need help with the specifics to get to the next level.


Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms worldwide, offering mini-courses in a range of industry skills. The site offers a breadth of choice in the blogging category alone, with all course content regularly updated to ensure its relevancy.

A Udemy course is ideal for writers who may struggle with certain technical aspects to blogging, from 'going viral' to designing your blog on WordPress without any coding knowledge.

Investing in a Udemy course could help elevate your blog in particular areas, without having to spend money on learning content that you already know or isn't relevant.

Blog Life Pro

At only $65 and available worldwide, Blog Life Pro is an affordable option with proven results. One of the best blogging courses for approachability and tackling difficult concepts in simple language, Blog Life Pro is the advanced course offered by Emma Chapman and Claire Schaffer of A Beautiful Mess, one of the most successful lifestyle blogs of the past decade.

This course mainly tackles how to monetise your blog with effective long-term strategies in 13 lessons, with access to a Q&A board for the tutors as well as an annual planner.

The best niche blogging courses

These blogging courses are for those well versed in the blogging game who want a full breakdown from the experts in a particular field.

Food Blogger Pro: Learn How to Start, Grow, & Monetize Your Food Blog

The best blogging courses for writers in 2019 - Copify blog 1

From the rise of veganism to the fusion experimentations that capture mainstream media attention, there is a lot of traction to gain as a food blogger. Luckily, Food Blogger Pro takes the guesswork out of setting up a successful blog.

The course offers 350 full tutorials to take you from start to finish, with full transparency from the tutors on their own monthly income reports to prove the legitimacy of their methods.

Superstar Blogging, by Nomadic Matt

Superstar Blogging has earned plaudits for its transparency, realism and ethical approach to monetising your blog. Matthew Kepnes, the founder of Nomadic Matt, is a prolific travel blogger, achieving 1.3 million visitors to his blog every month. Kepnes has learned just about every strategy possible to make money while travelling the world, and he explains them in detail in the Superstar Blogging course.

The course content is supplemented by experts in filmmaking, web development and business, as well as offering lifetime membership, so members can trade tips and enjoy course updates at any time.

The future of blogging

Blogging is still a viable career for writers, and the opportunities continue to grow as old-school journalism and corporate media continues to decline in reach. In a world where internet users crave transparency and personal connection, it is not too late to enter the blogging field.

If you'd like more suggestions on the best blogging courses available today, read our other posts on the topic. Why not also sign up as a writer with Copify to take the first steps in your blogging career?

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