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The best blog writing courses online

by Vanessa Adamko on

It’s never been easier to become a blogger, but there’s also never been so much competition. Although you can sign up to a free site and begin publishing your writing within minutes, it’s now much harder to stand out and get noticed than it has been in the past. Whether you’re new to blogging and aren’t sure where to begin, or you’ve been blogging for a while but are yet to reap the benefits, an online blog writing course could be just the thing you need to boost your traffic.

But which course should you choose? The internet is saturated with stories of success and money-making magic, so sifting through it all can be overwhelming. As a starting point, take a look at some of the best blog writing courses online that are sure to get you started on the right track:

1. Six Figure Blogger

This is a course that offers up the tried and tested methods of its creators, giving you actionable insight into making a living as a blogger.

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Lauren and Alex both come from humble beginnings but, in the space of just three months, soared from an income of £1,000 to £20,000/month. Their Six Figure Blogger course reveals the key to their success, but they also offer other more specialised packages for those who are looking for something more targeted. These include advice on launching your blog, a beginner’s guide to monetisation, as well as how to rake in the traffic from Pinterest. Depending on your area of specialisation, you can also benefit from one of their bundle packages.

As one of the pricier courses out there, you might like a taster of what’s to come before committing. Take a look at their blog for a general introduction into their style and insights.

2. Ready Set Blog for Traffic

A high price tag isn’t always a necessity for quality, and this course really proves it. There aren’t many blogging guides out there that manage to cover so much ground, let alone for such an affordable rate.

For a one-off payment of $79, you’ll gain lifetime access to five modules that are packed with all the tips and tricks you need to skyrocket your way to success. The focus is always on traffic and goes way beyond simply optimising posts using SEO, delving right into marketing and networking strategies too. To get an idea of what’s included, take a look at these module breakdowns:

1 & 2: Getting started and laying the foundations of your traffic strategy
3: SEO and backlinking
4: The power of Pinterest
5: How to make money from your blog

Covering all bases, it’s a brilliant, all-round course for casual beginners to intermediate bloggers who are serious about success.

3. Udemy and Skillshare

Although not one particular course, Udemy and Skillshare are without a doubt two of the best places to go looking for the ultimate blogger’s jackpot. Host to thousands of different learning opportunities, you can find a course about almost anything here, from writing to coding. In that respect, Udemy and Skillshare teach us a valuable lesson, that when looking to improve yourself as a blogger, you shouldn’t limit yourself to courses that target only this niche.

Blogging is made up of so many different avenues, from social media and marketing to website design, meaning that sometimes it’s hard for a single course to cover it all. Maybe you’ve been given a flavour of SEO, but want to learn more? Udemy and Skillshare give you the opportunity to jump right into a specialised SEO course to really optimise your content.

If you’re feeling lost, take a look at these suggestions of courses to begin with:

Writing with Confidence: For anyone wanting to get right back to basics, this is the perfect course. With most blogging courses being more about traffic than the written word itself, if you need to touch up your craft, it can be difficult to know where to look. Focussing solely on writing, it’s a great starting point for anyone’s Udemy journey.

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Monetization for Bloggers: Ready to start making money? Set out in a handy, easy to follow video format, this course gives you all the ins and outs on how to launch your next big moneymaking scheme. For a more general introduction, take a look at our blog post on the topic.

4. Intentional Blogging

When it comes to free courses, it can be difficult to pick out the timewasters. Even though you aren’t spending your hard-earned cash, you don’t want to be basing your blogging around techniques that don’t even work. Save yourself the trouble and opt for Jeff Goins’ expert advice. As the bestselling author of Real Artists Don’t Starve, you can trust that what he has to say will have you well on your way to earning a living from your writing.

A big believer in earning money from creativity, Goins’ course is a brilliant place to start for beginners, offering insight into writing and formatting as well as networking and guest blogging.

5. The Elite Blog Academy

Registration for this course opens once a year in March when a flood of hopefuls scramble to sign up, so you’d better get in there quick! As the name suggests, this course really is one of the best.

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Brimming with success stories, there’s really no doubt that this academy is pulling out all the stops to give its students the best chance at earning a living from blogging. It’s a course that caters to any individual, no matter your background or ultimate goals.

Don’t think you can wait? If you want to get started right away, the Elite Blog Academy has plenty of resources to keep you going until registration opens.

Which are the best blog writing courses online for you?

Any of the above courses are sure to get you started on the right path, but it’s up to you to weigh up your own individual needs and budget before making your decision. There’s also nothing stopping you from enrolling in multiple courses, which could be a wise decision, as there’s no guarantee a particular strategy will work for you as it has for others. It will still be up to you to put long hours and hard work into crafting quality content, a blog writing course online is just there to give you the right tools to get the job done.

Don’t forget either that there are plenty of free resources and tutorials across the internet. Copywriting blogs like the one at Copify, Kopywriting Kourse and Copyblogger’s Copywriting 101 are great sources of advice and tips on how to learn copywriting and content marketing skills. But one of the best ways to learn is to practise, which is why applying to be a writer with freelance writing sites like Copify can also help.

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