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Ever wondered what to write about on a blog? We reveal our top tips…

Wondering what to write about on a blog is one of the trickiest conundrums for new blog owners. What’s more, content writing and your choice of topics is certainly an important consideration. In this article, we delve into the approaches that you can take to successfully plan your blog content.

Assess your audience

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Perhaps your blog is new or perhaps it has been in progress for a while and you are looking to grow its follower base and engagement with a well-defined content strategy. The question that you must ask yourself is, who exactly is your audience? For many would-be bloggers, their blog space starts almost by accident as a place to share thoughts, ideas and passions.

As the blog grows, it becomes important to have a theme and a focus so that your audience knows exactly what they are coming to you for, and what your ‘offer is’. The Content Strategist has a number of useful ways to measure your audience. Joost De Valk, the creator of Yoast, suggests using a plug-in to make the activity as automated and easy as possible. Measurement plug-ins can assess metrics such as inbound links, retweets and social media shares, as well as online mentions and comments to give you a starting baseline and then ongoing reports to track your progress. Other tactics include adding a ‘contact us’ blog prompt to encourage engagement.

Know what you want to achieve

Once you know who your audience is, you can begin to build up a reader profile and then get a clear picture of what they will want to read about on your blog. Set yourself measurable objectives, using your analytics to help you to pinpoint some achievable goals. The Daily Femme has some good tips to help you with this step.

Create your content plan

Now comes the fun bit. Start to really drill down into the type of content that your readers will appreciate from you and create a detailed content plan. Look at other bloggers who operate in a similar space as you for inspiration and see what successful businesses are doing. Not sure where to start? You’ll find plenty of best practices highlighted at the Blog Awards Winners list for 2017.

See how Bella Coco has created her lifestyle-based blog which expertly blends personal and advertorial content with beautiful imagery and inspiring guides. Look at how Sorted Food created Vlogs to completely bring their offer to life in a fresh and immediately impactful way. You’ll find plenty of ideas to help kick-start your own plan.

10 ideas for what to write about on a blog

Obviously, your actual topics will depend on the nature and focus of your blog or business, but there are always ideas that you can use as a starting point regardless of topic or industry. Here are some to get you started:

1. Competitions. Host a competition to encourage traffic, shares and readership to your blog. Reach out to a product provider that aligns with your blog brand for a freebie or purchase a book or something similar that will interest your readers and give it away.

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2. Answer a problem. What issues or problems do your readers have? Offer solutions to them in a targeted blog and you’ll instantly be offering rich, high-value content that will encourage shares and debates in your comments section.

3. Hacks and tips. Everyone wants to know the best ways to make their lives easier, whether that’s a productivity hack that saves time, a recipe that packs in a nutritional punch or a parenting tip that maximizes family time without the big expense. Share your best hacks!

4. Personal stories. A great blog is always authentic and Campaign Monitor analyze this expertly in their article on content credibility. Be authentic and true to your voice and take this one step further by sharing your own view, spin or take on a topic that matters to your audience. Add images, video and other media-rich content that brings your own story to life wherever possible.

5. Share a list of helpful resources. Depending on your blog topic, there will be a mass of online resources, books, publications, groups and other resources that your audience will benefit from learning about. As an added benefit, links to these resources will give you valuable SEO gains!

6. Ask the reader… Ask your readers to share their questions with you and then provide answers. Again, this will show your authenticity and allow you to position yourself as a subject matter expert on your blog focus topic. It’s also a great way to start to engage with your followers.

7. A day in the life of… Share a typical day in your life to show the human connection and to provide an opportunity for beautiful imagery or video content that will earn you further SEO points as well as engagement and readership.

8. The things I wish I’d known when… This is a great retrospective to share with your readers. Relate it to the topic of your blog and, again, enable commenting, sharing and opportunities to engage with you to start a conversation on the topic and to encourage further social sharing.

9. Interviews. Find someone aligned with the blog topic that you can interview and share it with your readers. It will give them a fresh perspective, new insights and additional ideas on the topic that they are already interested in.

10. A challenge. Challenges are very popular on the internet, whether they are about doing press-ups every day, raising a certain amount for charity, de-cluttering 10 items from a wardrobe or cooking a new meal once a week. Set a challenge for your followers and commit to following it too – with photos, videos and daily updates to bring progress to life and to encourage your community to share and come together on the topic.

These are just 10 ideas to get you started, but a great tip for finding dozens of other ideas is to consult Google! For example, OptinMonster – a software provider – has 103 blog ideas to get those creative juices flowing. And if you’ve got great ideas already but don’t know where to start, why not read our article on how to begin a blog post.

Scheduling and promoting your blogs

what to write about on a blog Copify 2Once you’ve created your blog content list, create a schedule that will force you to commit to regular content creation. There are no hard and fast rules here as it depends very much on the nature and purpose of your blog and whether it is commercial or for interest-only. Orbit Media has some good guidance to help you to figure out the optimum frequency for you.

Also, remember to promote your blog so that it is shared as widely as possible – linking to it on your social accounts, using paid promotion where desirable/necessary and repurposing content as required to get it as far out there as possible!

Remember, the more you invest in your blog, the better your returns will be. If you’re a business owner and struggling to find the time or patience to write your own blog content, why not use an affordable blogging service like Copify?


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