The best WordPress themes for copywriters

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The best WordPress themes for copywriters

When it comes to developing your own personal copywriting ‘brand’, the first place to start is getting yourself seen online. An excellent website – or blog – can be the difference between the work rolling in and finding yourself in a dry spell. Your site acts as your digital portfolio, letting potential clients get a better idea of what to expect from your services. And according to travel and lifestyle copywriter Ruth Elvin, a portfolio is a must for any copywriter who wants to succeed.

WordPress is one effective way to start a blog for free and get your words down on the digital page, with easily managed templates and plenty of customisation to make your space your own. So, when it comes to getting your work out there, there’s no better digital platform.

Read on to find out more about why WordPress is your top choice, and the best themes out there to showcase all your hard work.

Why WordPress?

As already mentioned, WordPress is one of the world’s premier systems for creating an effective copywriting portfolio. Easy to use, practical to update on the go and easy to understand, even those less digitally focused can create something spectacular with an attractive theme and simple design.

For clients, those first few seconds are vital to making an impression; and you certainly don’t want to make the wrong one. Susan Greene suggests quality is better than quantity, so consider that when choosing your site design.

In the digital world, it’s never been more vital to stand out from your competition. A visually appealing, readable and overall impressive digital portfolio can provide your copywriting services with that extra boost. Not to mention, a blog or website is the ideal destination for SEO-based content that can be shared online, gaining additional visitors and clients through Google searches or social media.

So, once you’ve set up your WordPress platform, it’s time to take a closer look at what you want your website to look like. Perhaps you prefer an all-monochrome effect or something that suits your personality is more up your street? Whichever option works for you, there’s plenty of choices out there – and we’ve featured some of the best below to help you along the way.

The best WordPress themes for copywriters

With so many different themes out there, it can be difficult to know what will work for you. But this collection of curated themes are some of the top choices for a professional copywriting portfolio – whether you’re just starting out or you’re a long-time industry veteran:


A stylish and creative theme designed specifically for professionals, Kalium offers a great deal of flexibility to customise your WordPress site appearance into something that suits your specific needs. Relatively low in price and flexible for use on mobile and tablet, this theme is designed to showcase portfolio work simply yet effectively, mimicking the style of high-end services effortlessly.

This style of theme is most suited to copywriters looking to carve their own niche, and work across a range of different industries or types of content creation. The versatility of this theme lends itself well to creating individual portfolios for different areas of copywriting.


Serious, bold and in-your-face, the Tinos theme makes a statement from the second you open the page. With a focus on solid colour, minimalist text and style, this theme is ideal for those looking to demonstrate their writing skills in a more formal template. Also completely mobile-compatible, and designed after the manner of on-paper publications, this theme is sure to catch the eye of your future clients.

Tinos is suited perfectly towards more formal content creators, especially those working in more traditional industries like the sciences or even the media. Stoic and minimalist, this design works perfectly with a more formalised writing portfolio.

Monochrome Pro

If you’re a copywriter who prefers simplicity in your design, the Monochrome Pro theme lets your words speak for themselves. Designed along the principle of less is more, this theme is easy and quick to customise and make your own. The theme even has full support for eCommerce, if that’s something you’ve considered for your services. For a relatively low price, you’ll get continued updates, support and plenty of tutorials to help make the theme your own.

For copywriters who are still figuring out their specific niche, the Monochrome Pro offers plenty of opportunity for future customisation and changes, allowing your portfolio to develop organically over time.


Attractive, visually appealing and overall striking, Pepper+ is a theme with a difference; precisely what you want if you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. Self-described as spicy with a dash of elegance, this theme can be fully customised without losing any of its original charms. Creating a portfolio, you can be proud of is quick and easy thanks to its modular design and high compatibility with a range of popular plugins.

For those who write in more style-focused industries, such as food, fashion or even interior design, this eye-catching design in the perfect choice. For a copywriting portfolio that looks as good as it reads, Pepper+ might be the ideal fit.

Author Pro

Explicitly designed for writers, this theme also lends itself well to copywriting portfolios and sites thanks to its simple yet attractive design and inspired layout. With countless ways to customise this theme, and plenty of different widget areas to ensure you can make something entirely unique, Author Pro is the perfect site-in-a-box, requiring little input to create a coherent and usable website.

Copywriters working on long-form content, or even ghostwriting, would get excellent use out of the Author Pro template, providing a dedicated space to talk about content that would be too long for clients to skim without sacrificing the quality of their overall portfolio space.

Whatever your style, field of expertise or unique take on copywriting, there’s a WordPress theme that’s the perfect fit for you. With many sites offering demos of their products, it’s well worth taking some time to figure out what’s the best fit for you in the long term. Whatever your choice, making your portfolio stand out is more than worth the investment – as well as providing a valuable boost to your branding, too.

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