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So you want to know how to break into copywriting?

by Bradley Williams on

Welcome on board! There has never been a better time to join the world of copywriting with more and more businesses seeking copywriters, and more businesses who don’t realise they need you yet.

Copywriting is a competitive industry to break into, but that doesn’t mean you CAN’T break into it. It’s all about knowing what to do to get your foot in the door, gain experience, gain clients and become a world-class copywriter. The first step of breaking into copywriting is to read the points below which will help get you started.

1. Make sure you have enough experience

how-to-break-into-copywriting-Copify-3-768x494-1There are a lot of people who wake up one morning and decide they are going to be a copywriter then expect to find work right away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly work like that.

Copywriting is like any other job, you’ve got to have some form of experience in the field. That doesn’t mean you need to have a degree in English, Journalism, or a degree at all, but experience in writing is something you will need.

It’s a good idea to gain experience in a variety of areas of interest. This means you can keep your options open when it comes to looking for work and opportunities for writing. When you are first trying to break into the world of copywriting, it’s important to keep an open mind about what you are writing. If you haven’t found your niche yet, then this is the perfect opportunity to try lots of different styles of content, to find what you excel at.

A great way to gain experience whilst making a steady income is by using crowdsourcing sites such as Copify. These websites offer you the chance to try your hand at writing for a range of different copies and writing styles. For example, you may find you’re a whizz at writing web page copy, or perhaps you love writing blog posts on travel and tourism. Either way, these websites help you find your favourite topics and develop a niche.

If you don’t have enough experience in an area you’d like to write for, then the best thing to do is reach out to websites or blogs to guest post on topics you enjoy. You can then use these as evidence of your skills. Most guest bloggers go unpaid, but the writing is an investment into your future as a copywriter.

2. Build yourself a website or blog

Before you begin actively seeking clients, it’s important you have space where you can showcase your talent and the experience we mentioned above. This should be in the form of an online portfolio. Thanks to websites such as WordPress, it’s never been easier to make a free online portfolio. When you approach clients, you can provide them with a link to your work, a bio and of course your rates. This showcases a high degree of professionalism to a potential client and will help you stand out from the sea of copywriters.

It’s also a good idea to include reviews of your work on an online portfolio. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any paid clients to review your work, simply ask those who you have written content or blog posts for free, for a small review. You’ll typically find most will be more than happy to help you out. Reviews will again help you stand out from the crowd and instil confidence in potential clients.

3. Don’t just stick to one job search method

how-to-break-into-copywriting-Copify-2-768x512-1Many copywriters take one search angle and stick to it when trying to break into copywriting. This isn’t the correct choice.

If you only commit to one search avenue, then you lose out on the possibility of other jobs. You should aim to try a variety of different methods for finding different copywriting jobs. For example, as well as searching on job boards, such as Reddit, you could email small businesses, attend business events and network, or use LinkedIn to your advantage.

There are so many brilliant websites to source freelance writing jobs and they are an excellent resource for breaking into copywriting.

4. Consider freelancing

If the thought of an in-house copywriting job doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t worry, you still have option B: freelance copywriting. This is what most people do when they are trying to break into copywriting and searching for a full-time employed job. However, lots of people enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and working to their demands, and that’s when freelance copywriting works a treat.

Unfortunately, the world of freelance work is just as competitive so you will need to work just as hard to gain your experience and search for work.

A great way to source clients when you are starting out in freelancing is to offer discounts for your writing. Such as a reduced per-word fee for the first 1000 words to new potential clients, a free blog post or piece of copy for newcomers, or even a referral discount if a client recommends you to another client.

Again, take advantage of crowdsourcing sites such as Copify, which can help provide you with freelance writing work and increase your confidence and experience.

5. Don’t give up

how-to-break-into-copywriting-Copify-768x512-1The last point on how to break into copywriting is one of perseverance. It’s unlikely you will get lucky straight away, and there will be setbacks, but as long as you have confidence in your abilities and you’ve proved that through your work, then there is no reason to give up.

The world of copywriting is rewarding, so stick with it until you reach copywriting success. Just look at Nicki Krawczyk, founder of Filthy Rich, who makes a six-figure income from copywriting. Whether it’s finding a client to do freelance writing for, or applying for that in-house position, once you do get started you will be on your way to a fulfilling career in copywriting!

Hopefully, you found this guide on how to break into copywriting useful. Follow these tips and you’ll be one step closer to starting your career as a professional copywriter. Just remember, as you become more successful and build your list of clients, be sure to help those around you who are looking to get started as well.

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