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Does social media marketing work in the b2b marketplace and how can you make it work for you?

Wondering whether social media marketing works in the B2B marketplace? We explore the benefits of social media marketing, plus, find out how you can make it work for your business in our latest blog.

The advent of social media has transformed the way people communicate and interact with one another. It’s no surprise that companies have also started to adopt this technology as a marketing tool. But does social media marketing work in the B2B marketplace?

Does social media marketing work in the B2B marketplace? Table of contents

  1. What is social media marketing?
  2. Does social media marketing work in the B2B workplace?
  3. What are the benefits of social media and B2B marketing? 
  4. Is there any reason not to try social media marketing? 
  5. Tips for a successful B2B social media marketing strategy

While many people associate social media marketing with B2C, or business-to-customer marketing, social media marketing is now used by many B2B, or business-to-business, marketers to improve customer relations and reach out to new prospects. Let’s take a look at how social media can be used effectively in B2B marketing and why it works.

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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to any marketing which takes place on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It might include text posts, photos, and competitions, and can be done by individuals or an entire marketing team.

Social media is effective for B2B marketing because it gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services, interact with customers, listen to customer feedback, get new leads, and keep in touch with existing clients. It’s also simply another way to boost brand awareness in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Does social media marketing work in the B2B marketplace?

One of the fundamental differences between B2B and B2C marketing is the way consumers and businesses are driven. While consumers are largely emotionally driven, businesses are rationally driven; professionals are out to make clear, logical decisions when it comes to which brands they purchase and partner up with.

This has an effect on the way social media is used by B2B marketers compared to B2C marketers. Whereas for B2C marketers, social media can all be about getting your brand noticed and promoting a positive image to potential customers, in the B2B market social media must serve a more solid purpose. It’s not enough just to promote a strong image; social media in B2B has to be used to inform and impress.

In B2B marketing, social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn provide a great way to get in touch with other professionals and showcase your business’s expertise online in a natural and organic way. Nine out of ten B2B companies are using LinkedIn, while social sites like Facebook, which are perhaps seen to be less professional, can also prove useful to B2B marketers due to their wide reach.

Contribute to your overall web presence

Using platforms like LinkedIn carries a dual purpose: first of all, social media pages on these platforms contribute to your business’s overall web presence. Having a consistently professional presence across multiple locations on the internet adds to your business’s credibility in the eyes of potential business partners and customers.

Get noticed by other businesses

Secondly, social media can be instrumental in driving other businesses towards your website, which is often the primary goal of social media marketing. This is a clear, simple way to generate sales interest and get your website (and brand) noticed by other businesses. Your website is, more often than not, where other professionals will need to be if they’re to make informed, rational decisions about working with your brand.

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What are the benefits of social media and B2B marketing?

Social media marketing is beloved by marketing professionals because it’s cost-effective and relatively easy to implement. Social media marketing is comparatively easy to use for those who don’t have the budget for in-house staff, and it’s capable of reaching a wider audience than traditional print ads.

Social media marketing is also targeted because businesses and professionals who follow your social media pages are, generally speaking, probably already interested in your products and services. This means you’re not wasting advertising spend on people who aren’t listening.

If you stick to using social media for posts that offer genuine insight and utility to other businesses, social media marketing can be truly beneficial for both your marketing campaign and your audience. The power of your online presence as a B2B company will grow exponentially with time when you implement social media into your strategy.

Is there any reason not to try social media marketing?

While the low cost of social media marketing might imply there’s little reason not to try your hand at this form of digital marketing, it’s important to remember that no marketing is probably better than bad marketing. If your business truly lacks the time and resources to put together a social media campaign that is professional and insightful, it may be better to forgo this form of marketing for the time being.

Tips for a successful B2B social media marketing strategy

Does social media marketing work in the B2B marketplace for your business? If you’re struggling to get this marketing vector to work for you, follow these tips on effective social media marketing for B2B marketers.

  • Invest time in a social media strategy that’s built around your goals
  • Make sure all social media content you post offers genuine insight and showcases your expertise in your field
  • Focus on the quality of your posts rather than the quantity of followers you’re accumulating
  • Use relevant metrics to measure the success of your strategy, for example, website traffic or conversions
  • Implement a strategy that ensures you have the time and resources to track conversations on social media and respond in a timely manner

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Does social media marketing work in the B2B marketplace? A final word

Social media marketing in the B2B marketplace isn’t completely different from B2C social media marketing; the key thing for marketers to remember is that businesses are sold on facts, not feelings.

Use your social media pages to showcase the real reasons why your brand is the best; if these don’t come easily to mind, perhaps it’s time to go back to the drawing board and build a marketing campaign that focuses on the true USPs of your products and services.

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