Becoming a copywriter: Do I need to choose copywriting classes near me?

by Harriet Swartout-Phipson

Becoming a copywriter: Do I need to choose copywriting classes near me?

You’ve decided to give copywriting a go as a real career – but what next? The internet has hundreds upon thousands of different copywriting courses. Many of which cost a lot without giving all that much. You might be wondering ‘how do I find the best copywriting classes near me?’, or you may be considering choosing an online content creation course at random. Don’t worry – you’re not the only one confused and overwhelmed with all the choices available, both online and off.

Do I need to do a copywriting course?

While you don’t necessarily need a specific qualification or certificate to succeed in copywriting, when it comes to gaining vital skills and dipping your toes into the industry for the first time, they certainly don’t hurt. And you don’t need to attend in-person, which is ideal during a pandemic.

Before you head for Google, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best online copywriting classes available to help you get ahead. No visiting local colleges or attending night class required with these virtual classes – just the valuable learning you need to succeed in copywriting.

Ready to get started?

Our top five online copywriting classes

1. The Creative Copywriter Academy

Price: $290

Length: Flexible

As the name suggests, TCC Academy is an online academy dedicated to getting brand-new copywriters started on the right foot. You are provided with the basics of marketing and a range of different content creation techniques – from beginners to advanced – to help make the transition to freelance copywriting.

Even better, you’ll also get access to practical skills to get your business off the ground, like bookkeeping and invoicing, to help make your copywriting freelance career a success. With an active community, lots of extra content to access and flexible scheduling, The Creative Copywriter Academy might be a great fit if you prefer learning at your own pace instead of having a lot of structure for your classes.

You can sign up to The Creative Copywriter Academy here.

2. Blackford Centre for Copywriting

Price: £698

Length: 5 Months

If you enjoy structured learning and you’re looking for an in-depth copywriting course that doesn’t scrimp on the details, then the Blackford Centre for Copywriting might be a good fit for you. You can save even more money off the course price by not having printed materials, and 21 comprehensive modules make up the bulk of your study.

Frequently updated and with high-quality video and written content to make use of, the Blackford Centre for Copywriting is fully accredited and provides you with the complete foundations you need for a successful career in copywriting. If you don’t do so well with self-learning approaches, the rigid nature of this online class might be right up your alley.

You can sign up for the Blackford Centre for Copywriting here.

3. How to write words that sell like a Florida Snow Cone Vendor on the hottest day of the year

Price: $97

Length: However long it takes you to read

It may be the longest, and oddest, name in copywriting classes, but Snow Cones by Honey Copy is a unique approach to online learning in its simplest form. You gain access to an expert 10,000 word online guide for life for a low price point, which continually evolves and develops to suit your needs.

If long-form modules and comprehensive courses can’t seem to hold your attention, this guide is short and sweet. It offers a quick-start way to get into copywriting without the need for extensive learning up-front. If your focus is mainly on creating great content for sales and marketing purposes, this short course might be an excellent way to quickly and effectively gain a little extra knowledge.

You can purchase the Snow Cone course from Honey Copy here.

4. CIM Copywriting Masterclass

Price: £999-1,315

Length: 2 days

If your goal for copywriting is to work in-house for larger companies or eventually get hired by big-name brands, there isn’t a better qualification than CIM. While the certificates in digital marketing are an excellent option for full-time study, CIM also has plenty of shorter courses and masterclasses to try. The CIM Copywriting Masterclass is one such option.

If you’re in London, the CIM Masterclass may be a good choice if you’re considering Googling ‘copywriting classes near me’ – or if you’re elsewhere in the world, you can access their expert course virtually to get the most out of it. Designed for those who already have copywriting skills, this advanced course is the ideal way to improve existing skills and learn new things from the experts.

You can sign up to the CIM Copywriting Masterclass here.

5. Sell Like Hell

Price: $997

Length: 30 days

Created by copywriting expert Carmine Mastropierro, the Sell Like Hell copywriting course is as the name suggests – a class all about making smart, high-quality copywriting in a ‘boot camp’ style setting to help you become a more effective copywriter.

An easy-to-follow step-by-step formula makes this course great for anyone that struggles with a more complex curriculum. Mastropierro also includes technical guidance and tutorials. Plus modules on analytics, editing, storytelling, and more comprehensive coverage of all content creation areas.

You can sign up to the Sell Like Hell course here.

Do I need to attend copywriting classes near me or is digital just as good?

You’re probably wondering, ‘is there any point looking for copywriting classes near me when these digital options are so good?’, and realistically, the answer to that question is… probably not. With so many incredible courses online at your fingertips, there’s no need to travel to a local school or college when you can access incredible masterclasses, full learning centres and guides online directly.

Whether you’re new to copywriting or just looking to develop existing skills, the courses we’ve listed above are an incredible place to start. But picking what works for you, your business and your budget are just as important. Start there, and you’re far more likely to achieve long-term success.

Ready to get stuck into the world of copywriting? Whether you’ve already taken copywriting classes or you have extensive experience, sign up to Copify to start copywriting today. Or you can find out more about how to choose the right content writing qualification in our post.

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