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What is ghost blogging?

There’s nothing spooky about ghost bloggers! You’ve probably heard of ghost writers – writers who produce work for someone else and allow them to take the credit. Well, ghost bloggers work in a similar way.

Ghost writing has been a common practice for years, particularly in long-running series of books, such as the Goosebumps series of novels, credited to author R L Stein, but written by other authors using the R L Stein name, to allow for continuity.

Popular influencers are also turning to ghost writers to keep themselves in the limelight. Teen favourite Zoella used a ghost writer for her first novel, Girl Online, and Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner found herself in hot water after a ghost writer published some rather adult content on her Twitter feed.

It’s not just novels where ghost writers are drafted in, either. Elton John has a well-known association with the ghost writer Bernie Taupin, who wrote the lyrics for Candle In The Wind and Tiny Dancer. Former American President Barack Obama partnered with Jonathan Favreau, who was employed as his Director of Speech Writing.

A ghost blogger is simply a ghost writer who specialises in producing blogs for others. Set the topic, find a ghost blogger who’s enthusiastic about the subject, and there’s no reason for anyone to think you didn’t write it yourself.

What is ghost blogging?

what is ghost blogging Copify Online presence is an important part of any business’ marketing strategy, and drawing people in with inviting content is a great way to build a customer base. A well-written blog is sure to draw attention, which in turn will rank your website better in search engine results, educate readers, and attract potential new fans.

Blogs these days are a great way to interact with the world. Brands use them to discuss opinions, give feedback and market products. The modern consumer is now used to building a relationship with a brand through social media, and an active blog is a really simple way to open a dialogue with visitors, whose feedback can provide guidance for your next steps.

The problem for prospective professional blog owners is that keeping a blog updated and relevant is hard work. It requires a time commitment, which many struggle to meet, and each blog needs to be unique and individual. Someone not used to blogging might struggle with this obligation, especially with a developing brand to take care of. This is where the ghost blogger can step in and help.

Who uses ghost bloggers?

Anyone can use a ghost blogger. You’d probably be surprised at the number of blogs which are written by ghost bloggers. People request the services of a ghost blogger for all sorts of reasons.

1. People pressed for time

what is ghost blogging Copify We live in a busy world, where we’re juggling our obligations every minute of the day. Generating a quality blog takes time, which you may prefer to hand over to someone else.

2. People who don’t have the writing ability

Even the most successful business owner may feel less than confident about their writing ability. Hiring a ghost blogger, who will have impeccable written English, avoids the risk of readers seeing poor quality text on your website.

3. People who need to demonstrate credibility

Sometimes you need to show credibility to maintain your audience. This is where a service like Copify can be useful. Filling in a quick brief shares the request to a pool of copywriters who choose jobs which they have the required subject knowledge of.

4. People who just don’t like writing

For some people, writing a blog is just like being back in that classroom, with an essay deadline looming over them. They don’t find writing enjoyable, and that sense of misery is only going to be conveyed to a reader of their blog.

Do any of those reasons resonate with you? Then hiring a ghost blogger is probably going to be the best solution to your blogging needs.

Who are these ghost bloggers?

what is ghost blogging Copify The great thing about a ghost blogger is that they’re anonymous. Predominantly, they’re professional freelance writers who have worked for years to hone their skills. Some have their own successful blogs, which gives them the experience they need to be a ghost blogger. This sort of online portfolio demonstrates a writer’s tone and style, and it allows the potential employer to see if the blogger’s writing style matches their requirements.

Ghost blogging is a rapidly growing profession, and there’s plenty of competition amongst writers who wish to be a ghost blogger. A good ghost blogger will work to an agreed deadline and be able to follow any specific requirements you might have for your blog such as the inclusion of keywords, links or topics. They’ll understand the need for discretion, no matter how tempting it is to talk to their friends if you’re asking them to blog about something very exciting.

For the average ghost blogger, they accept that ghost blogging is not going to win them the next Pulitzer prize. They enjoy the variety of being asked to write about a variety of topics which they may not come across in their everyday lives. Each job is an opportunity to sharpen their skills. They tend not to mind that they’re not getting their name on a blog about blisters, or the best way to unblock a toilet. The important thing for a ghost blogger is doing a great job so that you’ll come back and hire them again.

Goodbye to ghost blogging guilt

One reason many brands have dithered over hiring ghost bloggers is that they feel that they’re deceiving their readers in some way by not writing the content themselves. However, the amount of available ghost bloggers simply reinforces the fact that more and more brands are turning to the services of ghost bloggers. It’s just not something which is widely publicised. If you outsource other aspects of your business, why not make use of ghost blogging?

Your audience deserves the best possible content you can provide, keeping them entertained and engaged with your brand. A professional writer can make a significant difference to your blog, and your business. Let Copify match you with a ghost blogger who can do you justice.


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