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What is a junior copywriter and what do they do?

by Louisa Hann on

Copywriting is a lucrative and rewarding field that many talented writers gravitate towards after graduating or in the early stages of their career. Broadly speaking, those who want to make a career out of copywriting move through the ranks of junior copywriter, copywriter and senior copywriter, as well as taking on somewhat more specialised roles such as digital, advertising or SEO copywriter.

Even with these distinctions in place, the difference in roles between one junior copywriter and another are likely to be substantial. So, before going into the details of the job title of junior copywriter, it may be useful to get to grips with the field of copywriting in general.

What does a copywriter do?

What-does-a-junior-copywriter-do-Copify-4-768x512-1Copywriters write what is known as ‘copy’, or the words that are included in advertising, marketing or public relations materials. This could include the headlines of newspaper ads, billboard slogans, TV commercial scripts or, increasingly, social media posts, email marketing and other forms of digital content.

In other words, a copywriter writes words for the benefit of a business or organisation. They may be hired in-house, meaning many of their writing tasks will relate to the same field and take on a similar tone and form, or for an agency, meaning they will write copy for a range of businesses that have decided to outsource their content production. Alternatively, copywriters may decide to work freelance, in which case titles such as ‘junior copywriter’ will not apply.

In terms of their day-to-day tasks, copywriters will mainly focus on keeping their clients or employers happy and meeting deadlines by producing timely, succinct and persuasive copy. Common activities may include:

  • Researching the client they are working for and translating their vision into captivating copy.
  • Listening to the feedback of their co-workers and clients and adapting their writing in accordance with this.
  • Getting to grips with specifications provided by a client.
  • Working with colleagues to come up with new creative strategies to further a business or organisation.
  • Ensuring that copy is kept consistent and on-brand.
  • Coming up with creative new ideas for future campaigns.
  • What does a junior copywriter do on a daily basis?

The distinction between a junior copywriter is not necessarily clear-cut and can vary from company to company. However, generally speaking, it is safe to assume that a junior copywriter will be taking on tasks with the lowest associated stakes or least demanding clients when they first start out.

What-does-a-junior-copywriter-do-Copify-2-740x493-1Indeed, a junior copywriter works below a copywriter or senior copywriter, usually with the aim of progressing up the ladder as their skills and experience improve. In this way, junior copywriters will be expected to work on their own personal development in preparation for their move up the career ladder. They may be asked to undertake certain forms of training to improve their writing skills, although much of this training is likely to be undertaken on the job in the form of constructive feedback from colleagues.

While many of those new to copywriting are keen to get their creative juices flowing, it is unlikely that junior copywriters will be assigned the most creative of tasks. Rather, they will be given instructions for rather more menial writing tasks that require honing one’s ability to convey information to an audience in a way that is clear and engaging. Once this skill becomes almost second nature, junior copywriters may start working a little creativity and flair into their writing, as well as suggesting new ideas to those in senior positions.

Ultimately, the role of junior copywriter will be full of exciting surprises and, occasionally, fairly menial tasks that those in higher positions may want to dole out to less experienced colleagues. These may include social media posting or administrative tasks that will help with the smooth running of a marketing team. It is important for junior copywriters to remember that there is nothing wrong with undertaking simpler tasks that may ostensibly appear to lie outside of their job description. After all, getting involved with other marketing activities can help develop one’s overall knowledge of the marketing landscape, inadvertently improving their ability to write appropriate copy for their clients.

Another important thing to remember is that being a junior copywriter is a stepping stone to more senior copywriting positions or, indeed, freelancing. Job fulfilment often comes a number of years into a career after a great deal of hard graft, and many junior copywriters would do well to remember that they are gaining much more than mere money for their work. As well as a decent salary and extra material for a CV, they are provided the opportunity to get to know copywriters that have much more experience than them. Indeed, copywriters in senior positions can act as mentors, guiding them through tricky career dilemmas and providing a knowing shoulder to lean on.

If you’re interested in reading up on the nitty-gritty of the job from someone who has been there, this fascinating article from Digiday will let you in on a junior copywriter’s secret confessions.

Are there are any special hints and tips out there for someone looking to get hired?

What-does-a-junior-copywriter-do-Copify-3-1024x683-1When it comes down to it, the main thing copywriters need is a passion for the written word and a desire to reach out to audiences. However, there are some great hints and tips out there online to help give aspiring copywriters a helping hand.

For example, this piece on copywriting interviews provides some great insights into the daunting world of getting a copywriting job. After all, the art of speech is not often a strong point for writers, and the interview process is an important step in getting hired.

Alternatively, there are plenty of excellent resources elsewhere on the Copify blog to hone one’s writing credentials. Whether you want to find out how to become the best writer in your field or are keen to read some useful tips on starting out as a writer, there really is something for every need.

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