What does a financial copywriter do?

by William Milton

What does a financial copywriter do?

There are complexities and specialisms in every sector, but financial services are among the most challenging. When producing content in this industry, it is essential to employ a specialist financial services copywriter. But what does a financial copywriter do? This is a writer who knows the products involved, has the ability to explain complex things in simple terms and can cut the jargon to communicate your message effectively.

You may think that your own ability to crunch numbers and your expert knowledge of your sector mean you can handle your own copywriting. But what sets specialist financial copywriters apart is their ability to tell a story.

They will have the instinct to identify the rational and emotional drivers behind your clients’ decision-making and communicate the real essence of your brand and its values in a way that truly hits the mark. If you’re still wondering what does a financial copywriter do, this infographic gives you some idea.

How important is my finance company’s written content?

Whether it’s blog posts and website content, brochure copy or B2B case studies, your content can make or break your prospects. White papers are another fantastic tool in the financial services for setting out the way your business is going or raising brand awareness among your customer base, and financial copywriters will help you get the most out of this too.

Clients that work with financial copywriters provide all sorts of different financial services. A good financial copywriter will be able to demonstrate a broad range of past projects. They will then apply this breadth of experience to any project.

The finance industry includes investment banks, stock exchanges, insurers, custody and administration providers, assets managers, asset financers, financial advisers and much more besides. Some companies are household names, while others are smaller, more niche firms, but all require the same high standard of copy to reflect their brand in the best way possible.

When looking for a quality financial copywriter for your project, you should look for a firm or individual with a portfolio that contains work in your niche.

Experienced financial copywriters will have experience in all sorts of subjects, including:

  • Equity execution
  • Trading foreign exchange derivatives
  • Treasury services
  • Trade finance
  • Financial regulation
  • Recent technological innovations
  • Life insurance trends

What does a financial copywriter do: Types of online content they produce

Specialist financial copywriters are able to produce copy for a number of purposes, but online content is by far the most common. It could be webpage content, sales copy, marketing emails, blog posts or landing pages. A financial content writer has the skills to produce copy that helps your services sell.

Unlike writing for news pieces or editorials, financial copywriting is all about encouraging the audience to take a certain action. This may be to engage with a particular service, subscribe to something, or purchase a product or service. In any case, the written content will be fine-tuned to persuade the reader and lead them to take the action you want. Producing effective content of this nature is an advanced skill.

Financial copywriters will create their content from start to finish, but they can also provide editing and proofreading services for content you already have. So if you already have a blog post or landing page, but you are concerned about grammar, readability or effectiveness, you can use the skills of a finance content writer to help.

Where does financial copywriting differ from other copywriting?

As stated, the world of financial services is complex. Whether you are offering advice to your audience or attempting to sell a financial product/service, finance is heavily regulated. Unlike most other areas of copywriting, a financial content writer will need to be able to produce quality content that is effective and meets legal requirements at all times.

The Financial Conduct Authority has strict requirements governing financial promotions. As such, all adverts to be clear and fair, without being misleading in any way. Finance content writers should be aware of these regulations to produce fully compliant copy, never making any ambiguous claims that can’t be substantiated.

Every bit of information must be clear and accurate, with no margin for error. A good financial copywriter will be able to deliver consistently.

How well do you know your audience?

Financial copywriting is a broad field, with various niches that cater to a very specific audience. The subjects cover everything from cryptocurrencies to investment opportunities, or retirement finance to offshore investments. You may even wish to aim your sales letters at different target groups.

In general terms, financial content will target career-focused individuals in the middle class with a certain amount of disposable income to invest. That said, you can’t simply lump everyone into a single class for every topic. Your company must talk to the individuals as the version of themselves they aspire to become, rather than as the ambitious and hopeful people they are currently. And it needs to consider key online personalities to ensure people engage with and share the content.

Readerships of financial content are full of people who meet the extremes, as well as those who lie somewhere in between. While some people are very optimistic, others are very pessimistic, and many more will sit somewhere between the two. A number of your readers will already have been subscribed to your newsletter for some time, having spent a significant amount of money on subscriptions – maybe even more than they have invested thus far.

You need to deliver something useful for every one of these people, and the most persuasive method is to address any scepticism they may have. Some topics will be trending, and the hype may have already gone some way to doing this work. But there will always be people who remain sceptical and reluctant to jump on any bandwagon.

A quality financial copywriter will be able to identify and target specific sections of your audience in order to deliver your message in the most effective way possible.

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If your company is in the financial services industry and you want to improve your content, working with a financial copywriter at Copify is the answer. They will be able to take the reins and produce your content for you so you can focus on your business and doing what you do best.

Leave the writing to the professionals – you wouldn’t have your IT specialist come in and give financial advice to clients, so why have anyone but a writer produce your written content?

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