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The top 10 copywriting experts you need to follow

Anyone can write something great, given they have enough time. However, the ranks of people who can create something exceptional, and quickly, are a little thinner. Copywriters who can wake up each morning and produce copy over and over every single day are the elites.

The people who can pull this off are some of the best, and we’ve found a handful of them on Twitter. Whether you’re new to copywriting or you are looking to perfect your skills, following copywriting experts on social media can be a valuable resource.

Why should you follow copywriting experts?

Reading work by copywriters who are really great at what they do can benefit your own writing immensely. For example, if you’re struggling for inspiration or you would like to learn how to inject more personality into your copywriting, take look at how the professionals do it. While they’re all experts in the field, these copywriters have created their own unique styles by simply perfecting their 10 copywriting experts to follow

Take a look at our list of the top 10 copywriting experts you should be following right now:

Demian Farnworth (@demianfarnworth)

Considered one of the best web writers, Demian is well known for his ability to write concise, clear and compelling web copy. The former Chief Content Writer at Copyblogger, Demian also founded The Copybot, and has written for many notable clients, including Treehouse, Crazy Egg and Hubspot. Today, Demian is the Senior Writer for the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), writing content that compels people into action and demands attention.

Joanna Wiebe (@copyhackers)

Joanna Wiebe simply ‘fell into copywriting’ and she believes copywriters are the best kept secret in the marketing and sales world. Having worked at Intuit and Conversion Rate Experts, Joanna is also the co-creator of Copy Hackers alongside Lance Jones. She’s been copywriting since 2004, and set up Copy Hackers to help people write more believable, persuasive and usable copy. She has a strong following on social media, and is particularly active on Twitter.

Brian Clark (@brianclark)

The mastermind behind Copyblogger, we couldn’t leave Brian Clark off this list. A writer, traveller, CEO and entrepreneur, Brian’s achievements are impressive. Brian began publishing online in 1998, and founded Copyblogger as a one-man blog back in 2006. Nowadays, Copyblogger is considered to be one of the most influential and powerful blogs in the world, and it made it to 8 figures in annual revenue through the power of its audience alone. Brian launched the site as a platform to share his thoughts and expertise on how to write more compelling content. Since then, Copyblogger has expanded to create services and software for content creators.

Amy Harrison (@HarrisonAmy)

Based in Brighton in the UK, Amy Harrison has been writing copy since 2008, utilising her screenwriting skills and transferring them to business marketing and storytelling. She coaches, consults, speaks and writes, and has a pretty impressive résumé. Amy believes content should sell the best story about a product or business, and her clients include Metro, SIPU, Creatubbles and LifesureGroup Specialist Insurance.10 copywriting experts to follow


A UK copywriting expert, Joe Coleman has over 15 years of experience. Going freelance in 2010, Joe says he can tackle most things from brand books to ad campaigns. His work has won over 30 creative awards, and his portfolio includes campaigns for Morrisons, the British Heart Foundation, The British Council and Yorkshire Water. His website is pretty clever too.

Henneke Duistermaat (@HennekeD)

Named as one of “50 Incredible Women in Marketing to Follow” by Search Engine Journal, as well as one of “11 Digital Marketers Who Are Innovating The Email Game” by AWeber, Henneke is well worth a follow. You won’t find another copywriter like Henneke – she’s engaging and has a rich writing style. She created Enchanting Marketing to provide both beginners and experienced business writers with courses, books, and free writing tips to help them find their voice and infuse their content with personality. Just check out her work on Forbes, Huff Post, HubSpot, Entrepreneur, unbounce and Shopify to see examples of her incredible writing.

Aaron Orendorff (@iconiContent)

‘Saving the world from bad content’, Aaron Orendorff is the founder of IconiContent, and a regular contributor at Lifehacker, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fast Company and more. Forbes named Aaron as one of the “Top 25 Marketing Influencers” to watch, and he has proven time and time again he’s at the top of his game.

Jen Havice (@jenhavice)

A Twin Cities conversion copywriter, Jen specialises in creating content with personality. She also runs Make Mention, where she helps entrepreneurs and businesses craft better copy to improve the performance of their websites. Named as one of Search Engine Journal’s “100 Amazing Women Marketers to Follow on Twitter”, Jen’s portfolio includes PaperTrail, Calcworkshop, Examine Research Digest and All Clients.10 copywriting experts to follow

Laurence Blume (@freelancecopywr)

Considered to be one of the UK’s most experienced copywriters, Laurence Blume primarily writes for SMEs and entrepreneurs, but his large clients include Panasonic, Marks and Spencer, Unilever, Microsoft and Addison Lee. Laurence has been a professional copywriter since 1981, and over the last 16 years (the lifespan of he has written for over 700 clients. If you want to follow a copywriter with a wealth of experience and knowledge, Laurence is a great choice.

Gari Cruze (@garicruze)

Gari loves copywriting, and his portfolio reflects his skills and abilities. Able to write for different audiences, and incredibly creative when it comes to thinking up new ideas, Gari is certainly a copywriter to watch. You can follow him on Twitter or keep up to date with his latest adventures over on his blog and website.

Interested in becoming a copywriting expert?

If you’re a copywriter and you hope to one day join the ranks of the elites, make sure you’re gaining as much experience as possible. As author Stephen King states: “You become a writer simply by reading and writing. You learn best by reading a lot and writing a lot.” Sign up to Copify today to access a range of copywriting jobs.


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