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Which are the best copywriting diploma courses?

You may have asked yourself: what does it take to develop killer copywriting skills?

Put simply, it takes a lot of hard work and study! Becoming a brilliant copywriter is like learning any trade: put the work in, and you’ll reap the rewards.

What are the rewards of being a brilliant copywriter?

• Copywriters are well rewarded financially, and often earn six figures or more
• Freelance copywriters can enjoy flexible schedules and freedom
• It’s possible to use your skills to generate additional income streams on the side
• It’s a skill that can be used in any market
• You can work from anywhere

So, how can you learn to be a copywriter?

As with any skill, the best way to learn copywriting is to take instruction from a mentor. Someone who already knows the ins and outs of copywriting, and can teach you everything they know.

Fortunately, the web has made it easy to do this all from the comfort of your own home: with a copywriting diploma course, you’ll be able to study at your own pace, using the materials provided.

Here, we’re going to go through some of the best copywriting courses available online. We’d recommend studying any of them.

The IDM Award in Digital Copywriting

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing are a well-respected and prestigious marketing body, and their stamp of approval will be recognised by almost all employers and clients.

As a result, their Award in Digital Copywriting is well worth a look. Though it’s more expensive than other qualifications on this list, the course is well worth looking at.

The certificate will require two days of face-to-face study in London, after which you’ll be given three weeks to complete an assessment.

The IDM Award is less remote, but if you’re able to get to London it’s worth the effort.

The Blackford Centre Diploma in Copywriting

The Blackford Centre are fully accredited by ABC, and their qualifications are the equivalent of a level 4 National Qualification Framework (NQF).

As such, a copywriting certificate from the Blackford Centre is highly respected.

Their course can be studied and completed at home, but isn’t just digital: you can also get a print version. It covers everything you need to know, from writing great copy to finding new clients and making more money.

All the assignments are marked by tutors and feedback supplied in order to help you improve, and the Blackford Centre has a lot of positive feedback from previous students. Well worth a look.

The Writers Bureau

Another UK-focused course, the Writers Bureau Complete Copywriter Course gives you everything you could need to make a go of being a copywriter.

Writers Bureau copywriting diploma

The value of this course is in the expert, personal tuition that comes straight from some of the UK’s best. You’ll be required to do multiple assignments as part of the course, and you’ll also be given guidance on how to sell your services.

One particular positive on this course is the five star ‘excellent’ review it’s received from TrustPilot, the independent review body. Trust Pilot reviews are legitimate, so you can be sure you’re starting a course that’s been enthusiastically reviewed by a huge number of previous students. of Media and Publishing are about as well known as job websites go, and they teamed up with the College of Media and Publishing to offer an excellent-value ABC Level 4 Diploma in copywriting.

In terms of level of qualification, this is the same as the Blackford Centre, but some people prefer it simply because of the prestigious businesses that have asked staff to take the course.

Previous clients include Disney, Intel, BT, Sony, Oxfam and even Arsenal Football Club, so you can be sure you’ll be in good company if you choose to enlist.

There are fourteen lessons within the course, with every area of copywriting covered from in-depth research right the way through to the codes of practice within the industry.

The AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Future Copywriting

Though this isn’t a full ‘qualification’ as such, it’s hard to look past when it comes to learning copywriting.

The American Writers and Authors Institute (AWAI) have been providing training to copywriters for years, and have worked with some of the world’s most renowned copywriters, including:

• Dan Kennedy
• Bob Bly
• Clayton Makepeace

And a whole host of others. Some of their successful students now earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from their work.

(You’ll notice we said dollars, there. The AWAI are – obviously – American. However, you can do the course remotely from the UK, and the lessons you’ll learn will apply almost anywhere.)

Andy Maslen’s Breakthrough Copywriting

In terms of copywriting in the UK, Andy Maslen is about as knowledgeable as it gets. If you want to learn more about the great craft of copy, his Breakthrough Copywriting course is an absolute bargain at just over £100.

If the idea of learning from an American company puts you off, Andy’s definitely your man. His course will take you from knowing nothing about copy to having everything you need to succeed.

His lessons are all done through high-quality video, which a lot of people will find more engaging than simply reading.Andy Maslen - copywriting diploma

Andy’s also very good at being concise and teaching things quickly: you won’t need to spend hours and hours on the course to learn what you need to learn. As long as you take notes and focus, half an hour a night for a week or two will be enough to seriously increase your copywriting knowledge.

Remember, the key factor when learning is to ensure your copywriter is the real deal, and Andy certainly is.

He also throws in some useful extra bonuses as well as a full 300-page course manual, ideal for anyone who wants to further read up when they’re away from their computer.

Extra reading

As well as the courses and diplomas we’ve mentioned above, there is a host of great books out there that’ll teach you a lot about becoming a copywriter.

If you just want to dip your toe in the water, we’d definitely recommend picking up any of the following books:

The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman
The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert (Bob) W. Bly
Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins
The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy
Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso
The Boron Letters by Gary C. Halpert


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Shaun Edwards


  • Hi there Shaun,

    Thank you for this page, lots of useful information.

    I was wondering if you can provide me with a tad more info, specifically pertaining to the major differences between the of Media and Publishing course and the Andy Maslen’s Breakthrough Copywriting?

    I have completed the 3 free modules offered via the Andy Maslen page and the content was great. I am just trying to understand why there is such a financial difference between the two courses. Would I be right in saying it’s the accreditation aspect offered by of Media and Publishing or are there others factors I should look at?

    Just some background about me, so you can see where I am coming from, I hold qualifications in Business and Marketing but not in copywriting specifically. I wanted to support my experience with a piece of paper that confirms I (sometimes) know what I am talking about…hope that makes sense.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Gill (and Shaun – thanks for the review),

      Delighted you enjoyed the free modules. As you mention, my course doesn’t offer accreditation or CPD points and doesn’t have tutoring available to students or to mark assignments.

      It does have all of my 30+ years of copywriting experience distilled into bite-sized chunks. I road-tested it with experienced and new copywriters who loved it. And it’s currently on special offer at just £29.97 at

      I hope to welcome you on board soon.


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