Predatory Thinking, Dave Trott – BrightonSEO Roudup

by Martin Harrison

Everyone must have some creativity, everyone says it but what does it actually mean?

Form follows function. Start with reason why you should do something.

The problem that needs solving – 90% of advertising not noticed or remembered.

Predatory thinking helps you stand out against the crowd.

The big problem is that you don’t understand the media.

Media changes but punters don’t.

Viral is an adjective not a noun.

Media is about conversation

– impact
– communication
– persuasion

If you don’t get past impact, you don’t get to communication or persuasion. 90% fail at this stage.

If you can’t explain it to an 11 year old, you havent really understood it. – Einstein

You need a client language to sell a concept and a customer language to sell a product.

The mind is a pattern making machine. Advertisers need to group things by concepts.

Creative people have to sell to people who have a love of the obvious, you have to convince them to be different.

By being different you can gain a much larger share of mind.

2 types of punters, opinion followers and opinion formers. You want to influence the opinion formers. If you want to get opinion formers you need to be different.

Martin Harrison

Works at Copify