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Here’s why the top companies outsource content writing to the pros

Here’s why the top companies outsource content writing to the pros: Table of Contents

  1. Why outsource content writing?
    i. A great foundation to build from
    ii. Free up time
    iii. Tap into another’s expertise
    iv. The greatest benefit – it’ll boost your bottom line
  2. Where to outsource content writing

The whole concept of outsourcing has an unjustified reputation among some businesses. There are many who think that by outsourcing your content, you get substandard writing. There is no reason why people think this, beyond misconceptions that those you outsource to don’t care about your business. But with the importance of quality content in today’s Google search algorithms, a growing number of businesses are coming around to the idea that their content needs to be created by the professionals. This is why the digital content creation market is expected to grow to more than $412 billion by 2021, and copy is a huge part of this.

Teams of freelance writers are being utilised by major companies all around the world to improve the SEO value of their content. It all revolves around providing quality material for readers. If you are on the fence about whether or not to outsource your content creation, this article is for you. Read on to find the reasons to outsource content writing for your company.

Why outsource content writing?

Today, if your company is not able to have its own copywriters on staff, you must outsource content writing to achieve anything. The current demand for content is huge, and this demand has grown exponentially as the focus on personalisation has increased. As content demands continue to increase, the majority of in-house teams simply don’t have the time, budget and manpower that needs to be invested to keep up with the needs of consumers. This is why major companies outsource their web content writing to content marketing agencies or teams of skilled freelancers. These experts are able to deliver on many fronts:

  • They help boost your search engine ranking
  • They enable you to publish higher quantities of content
  • They promote greater engagement with readers
  • They maintain a high standard of quality

All this comes at an affordable rate, and frees up the teams within your organisation to focus on core activities and prepare for future growth. If it sounds like a dream come true, that’s probably because it pretty much is!

A great foundation to build from

Outsourcing to teams that can handle your content creation demands will help you reach your target audience more effectively. Those professionals specialise in content creation and can make everything more focused and reader-friendly. The specialities of professional content creation services affords them a deeper understanding of the content climate, so they can help you make Google happy. The work they produce is high quality, and they can even help you to build your brand from the ground up.

Free up time

Many marketers possess the skills to create their own content without the assistance of a content creation service. But when it comes down to it, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done.

That’s why many content creation agencies actually outsource a certain amount of their content!


There are no short cuts to writing quality content – it takes time, and when you have other aspects of business to focus on, it’s incredibly difficult to manage the demand. What you need to know is that, though some people perpetuate this outdated idea that outsourced content is low-quality, the opposite is more often true. By working with skilled, reputable content creation specialists, you get high standards of professionalism and a quality product. This, of course, reflects positively in your brand.

Outsourced content writing companies live and die by their reputation, so they are results-oriented. That, and their rates are more reasonable than you might think, so you get great content in a budget-friendly way. And the ROI is really healthy once the content is published.

Tap into another’s expertise

Content writing is a highly skilled process, and different projects need different sets of knowledge and expertise. You need a professional who can understand your target audience, carry out the appropriate research and develop engaging content. Subject matter experts can employ their own know-how into creating real value for your readers, and content creation agencies usually have a broad range of writers, with expertise in different fields. By outsourcing, you could access a professional writer with genuine expertise in your industry.

The time factor also needs to be emphasised here too – the more time that is invested in content writing, the better the results you’ll achieve. It takes time and work to craft quality content, with processes of researching, analysing market trends and developing engaging, informative content to be considered. Even with experts in your team, you need to consider that they simply do not have the time to create the quantity and standard of content you need. When you outsource content writing, the people who do the work have nothing but time to work entirely on what you need, and the expertise to produce it relatively quickly.

The greatest benefit – it’ll boost your bottom line

There is no doubt that where content is king, nothing beats having a full-time, expert content creator on hand. The problem is, when you have this person on staff, they must be entitled to a fixed salary, employee benefits, pension and incentives, regardless of how much work they actually do. What’s more, you’ll have to pay them all this money even on months when content creation demands are relatively low.


If you outsource content writing, however, you will only have to pay for the work that is delivered by the writers. Overall, this costs considerably less than having a writer on staff, which is particularly important for small businesses. The money you save can go into other important things, and you’ll still get consistent, high-quality content to publish for your marketing efforts.

Where to outsource content writing

There are many online platforms where freelancers and agencies are waiting to develop content for businesses like yours. But to get quality, reliable content with a quick turnaround, you need to find credible platforms.

This is where Copify excels, with a huge pool of content writers who are carefully screened and vetted before being accepted. There are experts in every industry amongst our writers, and we can help you elevate your content marketing to the next level. Outsource your content if your own team doesn’t have the time, money or skills to keep up with your content demands.

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  • Nice insights William. As for ‘where to outsource’ I’d add a recommendation that once you decide to outsource content creation you should make sure that the company/person who’ll do it for you know the SEO rules. Otherwise, you’ll have put even more of your time to optimize content.