Here’s why the top companies outsource content writing to the pros

Here’s why the top companies outsource content writing to the pros

Teams of freelance writers are being utilised by major companies all around the world to improve the SEO value of their content. It all revolves around providing quality material for readers that aligns with your brand. If you are on the fence about whether or not to outsource content writing for your business, then keep reading as we explore the benefits and options to outsource content creation.

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What is outsourced content writing?

Outsourced content writing refers to the practice of hiring an external individual or agency to create written content for a business or organisation. This can include a wide range of content types, such as blog posts, articles, social media posts, product descriptions and more.

Outsourcing content writing allows businesses to delegate this task to professionals who have the expertise and experience necessary to create high-quality content that is engaging, informative, and tailored to their target audience. By outsourcing content writing, businesses can save time and resources and focus on other important aspects of their operations.

5 reasons to outsource content writing services

5 reasons to outsource content writing services

Today, if your company is not able to have its own copywriters on staff, you must outsource content writing to achieve digital growth. The current demand for content is huge, and this demand has grown exponentially as the focus on personalisation has increased.

As content demands continue to increase, the majority of in-house teams simply don’t have the time, budget and manpower that needs to be invested to keep up with the needs of consumers. This is why major companies outsource their web content writing to content marketing agencies or teams of skilled freelancers. These experts are able to deliver on many fronts, from greater brand visibility to engagement.

All this comes at an affordable rate and frees up the teams within your organisation to focus on core activities and prepare for future growth. If it sounds like a dream come true, that’s probably because it pretty much is! Here is a round up of 5 reasons to outsource content writing services:

1. Grow your brand online

Outsourcing to teams that can handle your content creation demands will help you reach your target audience more effectively. Those professionals specialise in SEO content creation and know the best practice techniques to ensure that your content is search-optimised, reader-friendly and informative.

As a specialist in content creation, they will work with you to understand your brand, your business challenges, your audience and what you’re looking to achieve with your content strategy. All of this helps them get inside the head of your company to become a brand ambassador for you by creating persuasive content that helps you soar through the rankings while keeping your audience happy. Whether you’re a new, growing or established brand, SEO and brand development are never done. Outsourcing can help you take advantage of the opportunities to increase your visibility online.

2. Reduce your task list

Reduce your task list

Many marketers possess the skills to create their own content without the assistance of a content creation service. But when it comes down to it, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done. 

There are no shortcuts to writing quality content; you get out what you put in. But when you have other aspects of business to focus on, it’s incredibly difficult to manage the demand. It takes time and effort to analyse, research, craft and publish informative content – time that most businesses simply don’t have.

3. Tap into another’s expertise

Content writing is a highly skilled process, and different projects need different sets of knowledge and expertise. You need a professional who can understand your target audience, carry out the appropriate research and develop engaging content.

Subject matter experts can employ their own know-how into creating real value for your readers, and content creation agencies usually have a broad range of writers, with expertise in different fields. By outsourcing, you could access a professional writer with genuine expertise in your industry or the type of content you’re looking to produce, whether highly optimised ecommerce copy or thought leadership pieces.

Even if you have experts on your team, you need to consider that they simply do not have the time to create the quantity and standard of content you need. When you outsource content writing, the people who do the work have nothing but time to work entirely on your project, and the expertise to produce it relatively quickly.

4. Engage your audience

Blogging is an excellent way to stay fresh, relevant and active. It boosts your presence in the search results and can help you build your brand voice. Outsourcing your blog writing can help engage readers by having someone else come up with the topics and strategy you pursue. They’ll research the topics that are going to resonate with your audience and find the most compelling way to write about them.

Once you have this targeted content, it will continue to pay dividends over time as you climb the rankings. It also gives you content you can repurpose in email newsletters and on social media to drive more traffic to your site and keep your audience engaged and loyal across multiple channels with ease. 

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5. Boost your bottom line

5. Boost your bottom line

There is no doubt that where content is king, nothing beats having a full-time, expert content creator on hand. The problem is, when you have this person on staff, they must be entitled to a fixed salary, employee benefits, pension and incentives, regardless of how much work they actually do. What’s more, you’ll have to pay them all this money even during those months when you don’t need as much content creating.

If you outsource content writing, however, you won’t just benefit from the increased traction your content gets online, but you’ll only have to pay for the work that is delivered by the writers. Overall, this costs considerably less than having a writer on staff, which is particularly important for small businesses. The money you save can go into other important things, and you’ll still get consistent, high-quality content to publish for your marketing efforts.

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Are there ever reasons to never outsource your copywriting?

In the past, some businesses thought that outsourcing your content resulted in substandard writing. However, like every business decision, it comes down to who you choose to outsource your content to.

Mostly this type of scenario occurs when businesses try to do things as cheaply as possible. They may choose to outsource to writers who are underskilled or don’t even speak the native language. This isn’t a good idea. If you’re going to outsource your content, you might as well choose a reputable company or writer who knows what they’re doing.

Nowadays there are highly skilled freelancers and content agencies who can offer a far superior level of content writing than many businesses can even achieve in-house. There are options at all ends of the market, so you can find quality, affordable outsource writing services easily. When you choose the right service for your brand and budget it doesn’t just lighten your workload but can be a more cost-effective solution too.

How to outsource content writing

As above, there are many online platforms where freelancers and agencies are waiting to develop content for businesses like yours. A content writing service like Copify is one option if you’re looking for on-demand content, but it’s not the only one. Here are some options if you’re looking to find outsource content writing services:

  1. Freelance marketplaces: Websites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr allow you to post job listings and connect with freelance content writers from around the world. However, there’s a wide range of skill levels so you may need to choose wisely.

  2. Content writing agencies: There are many agencies that specialise in providing content writing services. These agencies typically have a team of in-house writers with expertise in various industries and niches which gives you peace of mind and consistency. Simply give them your brief and go!

  3. Social media/job ads: You can also use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find content writers, alongside traditional jobs boards. Many freelance writers use these platforms to promote their services, look for work and connect with potential clients. However, it could take you longer to vet applications than other methods.

  4. Referrals: Ask colleagues, friends or industry peers if they know of any reputable content writers or agencies. Referrals can be a great way to find writers who have a proven track record of creating high-quality content.

When outsourcing content writing, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable writer or agency with a track record of delivering quality work. Be sure to review writing samples and check references before making a decision. Once you’ve made a shortlist, these steps can help you get started outsourcing your content writing:

1. Identify your content needs: Determine what type of content you need, such as blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, or other forms of written content. Also think about how many words and your overall volume requirements.

2. Define your target audience: Determine who your content is intended for, such as your customers, potential customers or industry peers.

3. Think about your competitors: Are there any direct competitors who are doing what you want to do? Sharing these with your chosen writer can help them produce content that meets your needs.

4. Identify potential content writers: Look for content writers who have experience in creating content for your specific industry or niche. Refer to the list above to help you narrow down your options.

5. Review writing samples: Ask potential writers for writing samples or portfolios to review. This will give you an idea of their writing style, tone and quality.

6. Provide clear instructions: Clearly communicate your content needs and expectations to the writer in a brief. This can include information about the tone, style, length, and format of the content.

7. Set deadlines: Agree on deadlines for each piece of content, and make sure the writer understands the importance of meeting them.

8. Review and provide feedback: Once the content is delivered, review it carefully and provide constructive feedback to the writer. Usually you are permitted some changes as part of the cost but always check this in advance.

By following these steps, you can effectively outsource content writing and create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

Quality, affordable copywriting services

Providing affordable professional content writing is where Copify excels. With an internal team of writers plus a network of vetted native freelance writers, we can offer a dynamic solution for your content needs. 

There are experts in every industry amongst our writer base to help you elevate your content marketing to the next level. Whether you’re looking to outsource blog writing, SEO web content or anything else, we can help.

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