Introducing the new Copify API

Bby Martin Harrison

It’s been over 2 and half years since we launched the site and we’ve passed some pretty important milestones.

We’ve helped hundreds of happy customers to source over 3 million words of copy, assembled a team of exceptional copywriters, and most importantly, we’ve broken down the barrier to quality, affordable content.

Now we’re ready to take it to the next level…

Introducing the new Copify API

After many hours of intenstive brogramming, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new API. This now gives us a product that is now totally accessible to all types of customer, whether they are a content publisher, an agency or a provider of complimentary services such as SEO tools or press release syndication wires.

Here are just some of the potential applications…

White label sites for agencies

We’ve known for a long time that finding quality, reliable copywriters at an affordable price has been a real issue for many agencies. In fact, around 90% of our current clients fall under this bracket. We feel that we’re accommodating their needs pretty well through the existing site, but the API will help us to make the process of sourcing copy even easier.

Agencies can now retail our copy to their clients under their own branding, either through an existing client-facing portal, or a new white label site. This will not only help them to execute effective content marketing for their clients, but also represents a great opportunity for to make a decent mark up on the copy.

CMS Integration

The API is easy to integrate with most content management systems, which means that you can now add landing page copy, product reviews, blog posts, or any other type of content to your site directly through your existing CMS. We’re also in the process of developing a WordPress plugin too, watch this space!

SEO tools

Google’s recent updates have finally forced SEOs to take copywriting seriously. If you offer an SEO product, get in touch with us about becoming a reseller and add extra value to your service.

PR Syndication Wires

Every month we create dozens of press releases for our clients who then go on to syndicate them through various distribution channels. If you run one of these wires, why not add copywriting to your inventory by reselling our press release writing services?

Find out more

To learn more, head over to the API page (warning – you will have to be a Brogrammer to understand this). If, like me, you don’t know your github from your bathtub, just drop us an email and we’ll explain more.

Martin Harrison

Works at Copify