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The top free content writing tools you’ll ever need

As the digital world speeds up, it can feel as though you’re trying to stay afloat on a never-ending wave of content creation. So how do you stay focused? How do you provide excellent copy? And how do you come up with the topics that will make even the slightest ripple in the vast online ocean we call the Internet?

Copywriters, we hear your distress, but it’s OK. Because in today’s blog we’re going to share the top free content writing tools you’ll ever need.

The top free content writing tools you’ll ever need

The market for free content writing tools is about as vast as the range of topics there is to write about. So we’ve broken down our recommendations by function. Read on to change the way you write forever.

For brainstorming

Free content writing tools - Copify blog 2If you write for a living then pretty soon you’ll feel like you’ve written on every topic under the sun and have nothing more to say. Or maybe you’re new to writing – or a specific subject area – and need some help.

Enter your topic into Answer the Public and you will be rewarded with not just blog topic suggestions but those based on the most popular search queries, meaning you can produce content that you know there is already an audience for.

If you’re active in a certain field or you want to know when the brand you write for gets a mention, you need to start by signing up for Google Alerts. This sends relevant, topical news stories straight to your inbox. Tip: make sure you have a dedicated folder for each alert so you can keep track of them and delete as necessary.

And before you get started, you might also want to check how much a topic you have in mind is trending with Google Trends.

There are plenty of boring articles and blog posts out there that lack that something extra – i.e. the takeaway that your reader will remember. Don’t be one of them. Make your content pop with a fact or statistic, which is where a statistics portal like Statista comes in handy. Many basic statistics are available for free, from areas covering tech to consumables, marketing and more.

For proofing

There’s no bigger barrier to content success than having poorly written posts.

The best tool to start with is Grammarly. Whether you use it as an add-on in your browser, via the web app or install it on your desktop, this free grammar checker is a lifeline for bloggers, content marketers, editors, authors and more. It isn’t infallible, but it will pick up those rogue typos, inconsistencies and stray punctuation marks.

Write (and proof) a lot of material? Team Grammarly with a decent spellchecker, such as that available via Google Docs, and you’re onto a winner, allowing you to save yourself from some serious eye strain.

Free content writing tools - Copify blog 1Hemingway App delves beyond the surface-level errors in your work to flag up passive phrasing, complex sentences and reading age. This is what will take your content up a notch.

When you write so much content it’s not always easy being original. Reveal and banish those clichés with this simple Cliché Finder tool.

If you need more help in this area, The Write Life examined six different automatic editing tools to discover the best. But you might also want to check out our essential grammar checklist for writing great content.

For procrastinators

Content writers are often up against strict deadlines, and if you’re freelancing it’s more important than ever that you use your time effectively to boost your earning potential.

If getting your head into gear isn’t top of your abilities, try a tool like The Most Dangerous Writing App, which starts to fade and then delete anything you’ve written if you pause for longer than three seconds!

Maybe you’re a sucker for becoming interested in the latest news stories or what’s trending on social media as soon as you should be putting finger to keyboard? Limit how much time you spend on those websites with Stay Focused.

And if the formality of an open Word document fills you with dread, then Calmly tries to banish that. A distraction-free jotter pad, all you’ll see is a big white screen ready for your text. No tabs, no formatting choices. Just words. Bliss…

For SEO and analysis

Free content writing tools - Copify blog 4Where would our words be without the SEO tools and content analysis that help us to drive their visibility? Probably languishing on page 3 of the SERPs.

If you need to know the best keywords to use in your content, then there’s no better start than Google’s Keyword Planner.

You can also discover the most common keywords in a piece you’ve already written by using a simple tool like WordCounter. Not only will it help you discern natural keywords in your content, but it will weed out any repetition too.

As you know, content is all about engagement, and engagement often comes down to concentration. Give your readers a taste of how long you need their attention for with Read-o-Meter to calculate reading time.

Of course, the key to getting readers to click onto your content from the start is optimising one of the most important parts of your content: the headline. It’s often hard to know where to start or whether the headline you’ve come up with is catchy enough. But Content Row offers some simple tools to do just that, from a headline generator to a headline analyser.

Finally, if you want to keep tabs on how well your content is performing, BuzzSumo allows you to measure the success of content on a specific domain and discover the top-performing content already out there so you can identify influencers to connect with.

Making your content writing journey easier

“It’s best to have your tools with you. If you don’t, you’re apt to find something you didn’t expect and get discouraged.”

– Stephen King

Essentially, writing tools aren’t there to do all the hard work for you. But they are there to help make things smoother so that you can focus on exactly what you want to say rather than getting distracted and adding to the stress of what (let’s face it) can already be a pretty fast-paced day job.

By using these top free content writing tools you will find you start to write better, faster. And why not continue your development with these ways to learn content writing skills for free?

Whether you’re looking to get professional copy that’s written for your audience or you want to find new clients in need of your copywriting skills, sign up to Copify today.

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