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How to find a writing job: Our 15 top tips for success

Becoming a freelance copywriter is an incredibly exciting opportunity. It is also more than just a job as it offers you the chance to completely alter your lifestyle. You have the chance to work from wherever you want, whenever you want and you can finally be your own boss. However, you’ll quickly discover one major difficulty…

How to find a writing job!

Freelance writing is a competitive niche and many people have been doing it for years. But don’t let this put you off. There’s plenty of room left for passionate writers and plenty of ways to find great jobs and build a new career. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled our list of 15 top tips for finding a writing job and how to see success. Let’s get stuck in!

1. Speak to friends and relatives

If you’re starting out without connections in the industry, then begin by speaking to all of your existing contacts. Notably, your friends and family. They might know people who are looking for writers or have work that they are looking to have done. Though you may not think this will lead to much, you would actually be surprised! At the very least, it’s worth sharing your intentions with those close to you.

2. Get active on social media

How to find a writing job - Copify 5Social media is a fantastic way to improve your network of connections within the writing world and start finding some work. In particular, head on over to LinkedIn and build up your profile. Then start engaging with business owners and publishing content around topics you are passionate about. By building your contacts here, you will soon start to gain access to new opportunities.

3. Join groups

You can find plenty of support groups online for those looking to find a writing job. In particular, Facebook is a great source of such groups. Here, you will be able to ask any questions you have and get responses from those who are in your position or were in your position just a short while ago. Do some searching, but here are two groups to get you started:

Write Better, Blog Better: Writing Support For Bloggers
Freelance Writers Support Group

4. Email prospective businesses

Cold emailing businesses can still work, but it is increasingly tough. Business owners are usually always looking for new, talented writers. However, many will completely disregard initial emails. As such, you need to be sure to personalise any emails you send and to then follow-up with those who don’t respond.

5. Offer to guest post

Offering to guest post on popular blogs and websites is a great way to find a writing job. It allows you to practise and improve your writing skills and to then get that work in front of lots of people. Just be sure to write for blogs that are within your target niche. Then, business owners who follow such blogs are likely to contact you if they particularly like your writing style and take on things.

6. Set aside time each day

How to find a writing job - Copify 3Though not a direct way to find writing jobs, this is a crucial tip to follow. You need to set out a certain amount of time each and every day to search for and apply for new writing jobs. Consistency is key. New jobs crop up every day and there are always new businesses to contact. So follow this rule and search for work every day, even when you start to pick up clients.

7. Speak to some recruiters

If you’re looking for a solid writing job for just one firm, then it could be a good idea to speak to recruiters. A popular writing job is to become a copy editor. In such a job you will need to read and review any copy that your business is looking to use before it goes live. Recruiters tend to specialise in certain jobs and industries, so search around to find one for you.

8. Speak to other writers

Just by speaking to other writers, you will pick up even more ideas on where and how to find a writing job. Try and speak to a range of people, both those who are successful and those who are a little more established. There’s always something to learn. As mentioned earlier, you can find writers on social media. But also, you might find them at local support groups or certainly by speaking to new people in your daily life.

9. Post ads of your own

How to find a writing job - Copify 4Another great way to find a writing job is to post your details on a physical job board. You can find these in many places, such as inside of post offices and supermarkets. The key is to keep such ads short and concise and to transfer only the info that is important. This includes your name and contact details, as well as any experience you have.

10. Check out copywriting agencies

Copywriting agencies, such as ourselves here at Copify, are a fantastic place to find a writing job. We are always looking for passionate and good quality writers to write content for clients who order through us. You’ll just need to pass an initial test to ensure you have the necessary skills. Afterwards, you’ll have access to a variety of different tasks across a number of topics. Find out more here.

11. Define your niche

Whenever you’re searching for your first writing job, it is helpful if you first define your niche. What does this mean? Well, defining your niche means deciding which topics you are passionate about, have a good knowledge of and would be happy to write about each day. High-quality writers tend to specialise in just one or two niches and then stay abreast of all recent developments within that niche.

12. Showcase your talents

If you’re fed up with continually searching for writing jobs, then why not let the work come to you! Go ahead and set up a website where you can showcase your abilities. On your blog or site, you can create a portfolio of all the work you’ve done and what you’re looking for. This will drastically improve your professionalism and you might soon find that businesses are coming to you for work.

13. Keep trying new things

How to find a writing job - Copify 2Another top tip that we strongly believe in is to continually keep trying new approaches and ideas. There is no one fixed way to find a writing job. Instead, all writers get their start from a different avenue. It is just important that you try all of the avenues available to you to ensure the highest chance of success in the shortest time possible.

14. Look on job boards

There are a number of job boards both offline and online, including Reddit, Problogger and All Freelance Writing Board. Perhaps online is the best way to get started, as there are a number of sites available to you and they get updated multiple times per day. Just ensure that, whenever you apply for a job, you provide a personalised message as to why you are passionate enough and right for the job.

15. Don’t give up

Finding your first writing job can be tough. Really tough. But just remember that you’re not alone. Every successful writer was in your position once and they have soldiered through to success. As such, you should not give up easily and should keep trying the various methods mentioned here. The only reason you might fail is not because of your skills as a writer, but more because of your failure to keep hustling.


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