7 top content writing courses to boost your skills

by Natasha Louise Colyer

Content is one of the most important elements for your business to grow and succeed. It is the strategy that can take your business above your competitors, help you to rank on search engines and generate more sales.

If you want to create the kind of content that makes consumers want to buy and that readers really dig, you need to know your stuff. To help grow as writer for your business or to take up writing as a new career, there is a myriad of content writing content writing courses out there that can help you with this.

Is taking a content writer course necessary?

One of the biggest mistakes established writers make is thinking that they can’t improve any more when in fact, it is always good to learn and brush up on your skills. According to a study by the Content Market Institute, 85% of companies that were surveyed cited higher quality and more efficient content creation as the top reason their marketing strategy was a greater success in one year compared to the last.

If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon and improve your content, a content writing course could really help. At the very least it’ll give you some tips on how to refine your writing style and target those who are most likely to buy. At best, you could see a tangible uptick in sales.

Here are our top 7 content writing courses for you to enrol on in 2021 to help you improve.

Top 7 content writing courses

If you’re looking for the best content writing courses online to empower your professional development, check out these 7 recommendations:

1. Ahrefs: Blogging for Business

Ahrefs’ Blogging for Business is designed to help with your content writing and blogging and to learn how to grow your blog past 100k monthly visitors. The course includes ten tutorials that are completely free and teach you how to do this effectively and efficiently.

The modules include the compound effect of content marketing, two major strategies of growing a blog, how to analyse traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword, and so much more. You will leave the course with an understanding of not only how you can write better content, but how to execute and distribute it more effectively too.

2. College of Media and Publishing: Online SEO Content Writing Course

This level four online SEO content writing course from the College of Media and Publishing is accredited and designed for individuals and businesses. Its curriculum aims to show you how to write targeted content to rank highly in the search results.

It will show you how to integrate keywords, develop new and effective Google SEO content writing strategies and optimise content for web pages, blogs and social media, as well as image and video media. The course includes benefits such as practical assignments, the freedom to start whenever you want, unlimited tutor support and an endorsed certificate once you complete the course.

3. Hubspot: Content Marketing Course

HubSpot Academy is a great resource if you are after content to help develop your digital skills, and their Content Marketing Course is no exception. This course contains 12 lessons that spans almost six and a half hours.

You will learn everything from developing a content creation framework for producing consistent, effective content, to how to create and re-purpose content that both search engines and readers will love and how to become a strong and more strategic content marketer. The course includes interactive elements such as quizzes and videos too.

4. Lynda: Advanced Content Marketing

Lynda is another fantastic tool for learning and bettering your skills and this Advanced Content Marketing course is a must for anyone looking to take their skills up a notch. You will learn how to scale up your content marketing strategy with content marketing expert and former Mailchimp VP Colleen Jones.

There are twelve main topics covered in this course, from creating messaging that resonates, to architecting storylines, experimenting with story formats and personalising your content for discovery and engagement. The course takes an hour and a half to complete and will leave you with many new and valuable skills that you can take forward with you.

5. Skillshare: Introduction to Content Writing

Skillshare has a number of content writing courses, but one we would recommend is Intro to Content Writing. This covers all of the basics about writing to your audience and is a great way to get started.

The class covers a number of writing fundamentals such as how content writing is different to copywriting, types of content you might use, the importance of understanding your audience and how to move your prospect from their starting point to taking action. You don’t require any prior writing experience, so it is great if you are looking to get into copywriting, change your niche, or just brush up on your skills.

6. Udemy: Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing

Udemy’s Writing Tools & Hacks course is designed to help you to take your copywriting, blogging and content writing to the next level and is one of the bestselling courses on their site. It is designed to help you learn to write more efficiently, create persuasive marketing copy, generate new blog ideas and discover hacks for better writing and content development.

Once you have bought the course you have full lifetime access so it’s great to brush up on your skills in the future. It also includes 1.5 hours of on-demand video, four downloadable resources and a certificate once you have completed the course.

7. The Institute of Data and Marketing: Writing for Content Marketing

The Institute of Data & Marketing’s Writing for Content Marketing is a comprehensive course that takes one day (seven hours) to complete. It equips you with the skills required to create better digital content, whether it’s for blogs, websites, social media or email campaigns.

In this content marketing course, you will learn to set clear goals from your digital content strategy, optimise your copy to achieve your aims, define the pivotal points of your users’ journey and write content that pulls in new readers and persuades them to take action. You will get the opportunity to partake in a tutor-led online classroom environment in real time, as well as self-study, making for an engaging online course that feels like you are really there.

What next?

These are just a few of the top content writing courses for you to enrol in if you are looking to improve your skills this year. Many are free or reasonably priced and designed to aid you with improving your content writing skills and knowledge to generate content that is both designed with the reader and search engines in mind.

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