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Why hire a ghostwriter for blog writing on your company website?

It’s easy to forget about your blog. If it’s a personal blog, you might run out of time to write it, or if it’s a business blog, you might feel that it’s not adding that much to your website. If either of these ring true, then it’s time to consider hiring a ghostwriter for your blog.

Easily dismissed as an unnecessary expense, hiring a ghostwriter to write your blog might well be the best move you can make to get people visiting your website. But it’s not just about getting more site views. Hiring a ghostwriter offers a number of benefits that you’ll feel rewarded by in no time. Let’s talk about why hiring a blog ghostwriter will work for your blog.

Why hire a ghostwriter for blog writing on your company website?

A blog ghostwriter allows you to concentrate on what you’re best at

Why hire a ghostwriter for blog writing - Copify blog 2Owning a business takes a great deal of expertise, which is why it’s your focus. You might love what you do, but that doesn’t always mean you can – or want – to write about it. After all, if you’re busy taking customer orders and attending to enquiries, then blogging won’t be at the top of your list when you’re building a rapport.

By hiring a ghostwriter to write your blog, you can focus on what you know and love, and leave the writing up to a ghostwriter, who will be writing because they love to write! That way, you can build a meaningful relationship with both customers and your ghostwriter, who will be more than happy to blog away the day while you concentrate on making sales, stocking up or providing a service to clientele.

Hiring a ghostwriter for your blog means saving time!

Being a business owner takes up a lot of time and is a naturally intense role. Particularly if you’re a small or new business, you might only have a few staff on board as well as yourself to keep things running. This means that, even if you started your website with the ambition of having a blog, you can inevitably end up feeling distracted and neglecting your blog section.

When you hire a ghostwriter, you can forget about how much time a blog might take out of your week. A ghostwriter will free up the hours you’d spend writing for you to concentrate on other areas, as mentioned in our previous point. When time is of the essence – and particularly as we’re entering a post-lockdown world, where you’ll be keener than ever to get things up and running as quickly as possible – having a ghostwriter could be crucial to helping your business thrive once more.

Your blog can become the heart of your website

Why hire a ghostwriter for blog writing - Copify blog 3Having a blog on your website might be the missing touch you didn’t even know you were missing. If you’ve not kept it updated or haven’t yet started one, hiring a ghostwriter is an ideal solution, as you’ll reap the rewards for an effort worth investing in.

A blog can be the hub of specialist information for your industry; an expansion of FAQs that your customers commonly ask; a way of making your business seem more approachable with a “human touch”; a behind-the-scenes insight into how things run, which customers will love to engage with.

More than this, a blog can be crucial for getting more views across the whole of your website, operating not just as the heart of your online presence, but as the heart of your business. More and more people are logging online to discover their next purchase, or to find out where they can discover a new service provider, which means getting your blog (and most likely, therefore, website) to the top of SERPs is increasingly essential when you want to be competitive. SERP results can be helped by keyword inclusion in blog posts, something your ghostwriter will be accustomed to including, so you don’t need to worry about technicalities for search engine purposes.

Ghostwriters give potential customers that push to buy!

Any blog reader is also a prospective customer, so if you have a niche specialism or craft, then chances are more people will become customers by first stumbling upon your blog. A how-to blog post, or one that answers a specific question, can lead website viewers down the rabbit hole of your business’s world, enticing them to try out your service as you clearly know your stuff, or buy one of your products. A ghostwriter would be happy to include links to certain products you want to showcase in a blog post, too, so you can make it easier than ever for your customers to browse on your site.

Every good blog post should also include a CTA (call-to-action), which blog post ghostwriters know more than a thing or two about. If you need a few words to give your page viewer a final push to make that purchase on your website, their skills will help you win that sale in no time, tempting them with phrases such as “why not check out our…?” or “we’d love to give you a free quote today – just drop us an email”.

A ghostwriter knows their craft

Why hire a ghostwriter for blog writing - Copify blog 1A professional ghostwriter knows what they’re doing. Ghostwriting isn’t an amateur’s pursuit, taking a great deal of talent to, in this case, create blog posts that sound like they’re written by you with specialist knowledge in your topic area. Ghostwriters have a breadth of experience in copywriting and content writing across the board, so can utilise their skillset to craft regular blog posts that are relevant, insightful and tone appropriate for your brand.

It’s likely that you’ll know a lot about your subject area, which is why services like Copify are ideal for discovering ghostwriters to hire for your blog, as you can set briefs that include particular keywords, areas you’d like to explore or even include blog titles, so you can direct the blog as much as you need or want to without having to write it. It’s the ideal solution if you know exactly what you want to write about but don’t have the time to do so.

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