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Who does content marketing well?

If you want to up your content game, we break down what content marketing is in more detail and share some examples of who’s doing it well…

Content marketing is becoming more prominent as traditional marketing campaigns start to fall by the wayside. You’re certainly in the minority if you aren’t shifting your focus to content marketing – in 2019, 77% of marketing professionals said they had a content marketing strategy in place.

We’ve already looked at the ways that content marketing differs from traditional marketing, but if you want to boost your own content marketing strategy it’s helpful to know which brands are setting a good example.

This post looks in more detail at what content marketing is and asks: who does content marketing well?

Who does content marketing well? – Table of contents

  1. Content marketing definition
  2. Importance of content marketing
  3. Types of content marketing
    i. Blog posts
    ii. Video
    iii. Infographics
    iv. Reviews and user-generated content
  4. Who does content marketing well?
    i. HubSpot
    ii. Rolex
    iii. Rip Curl
  5. How to do content marketing well

Content marketing definition

Content marketing is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on engaging searchers by putting out informative, relevant, and consistent content. This content is typically aimed at a well-defined and targeted audience and works to build and retain that audience, ultimately converting more people into customers.

Content marketing doesn’t necessarily promote a brand in an explicit way but helps to draw attention and arouse interest in the products or services a brand offers.

It can include a vast range of types of content. The most common include video, blog posts, email newsletters, webinars, and social media posts, all of which serve to increase audience engagement with the brand.

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Importance of content marketing

Digital marketing and an online presence are paramount for businesses and brands today. The Coronavirus pandemic has moved even more of our lives into a digital space, so being able to connect with customers online is key to success.

Engaging content marketing is a critical part of increasing online visibility, driving more traffic and leads to your website, and improving your rankings in search engines.

Whilst an SEO marketing campaign is valuable for growth in these areas, a well-thought-out content marketing strategy will boost your engagement with your audience and increase the visibility and authority of your brand overall.

In short, content marketing matters because it brings a number of other benefits besides increasing your online visibility. By consistently putting out relevant, informative, and engaging content, you offer value, win the trust of your audience, and stand out in your industry. Aside from that, a clear and well-developed content plan gives you a direction for your marketing strategy.

Types of content marketing

The content part of content marketing is vast and can include a wide variety of different types of content. This helps to make content marketing versatile and adaptable to different mediums and audiences.

You might prefer to focus on a small number of content types to get your message across in a consistent way, or you might prefer to offer a wide range of types of content to appeal to a broad spectrum of users.

Let’s run through some of the most common types of content.

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Blog posts

Blog posts are relatively quick and easy to put together, are easily digested and shared by readers, and are a low-cost way to increase organic website traffic. Blog posts can be highly effective but it’s important to optimise your posts for SEO and to ensure you stick to relevant topics.


Video content is undoubtedly valuable. Instantly engaging and easy to share, 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to make a purchase after viewing a brand’s video.

It’s a versatile medium too, which the flexibility to create a wide range of video content to suit your target audience, and the ability to post on multiple platforms.


Highly visual and low cost to produce, infographics can deliver a lot of information, usually statistics or running through processes, in an engaging way. Presenting information in this way often makes it easier for your audience to understand.

Reviews and user-generated content

This is a distinctive type of content marketing because the content is generated by your audience themselves.

People find it easier to relate to others who are like them, so a positive review of your brand or a retweet of a customer’s tweet about your product can be useful for engaging others within your target market.

Customer reviews on your website or social media accounts can also help to build trust between your brand and potential customers.

Who does content marketing well?

If this has got you thinking about how to develop your brand’s content marketing strategy, there are a few brands you can look to for inspiration. Here are three companies that have really mastered the art of content marketing.

1. HubSpot

The brains behind the concept of inbound marketing, digital marketing giant HubSpot is widely recognised for its successful content marketing.

Part of their success comes from the volume of information, and in some cases services, that they put out there for free. This includes in-depth and relevant blog posts that really help to increase their visibility.

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HubSpot also creates effective video content for Facebook and drives traffic to this content using other sources such as LinkedIn.

2. Rolex

Even the world’s most famous luxury brands are taking advantage of content marketing and demonstrating that it doesn’t need to be complex.

As well as professionally shot images capturing the beauty and engineering of their timepieces, they also offer tutorial videos on how to programme each watch type. This helps create visibility and brand awareness amongst a new generation of potential customers.

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Rolex has almost 12 million followers on Instagram and 7.6 million on Facebook, and consistently showcases its brand and products with curated and aspirational images that clearly communicate the brand and its values.

They’ve also established a presence on a range of social media channels, including those popular in other countries such as Weibo, WeChat and Youku to ensure they have a global reach.

3. Rip Curl

The laid-back surfing brand has created an innovative online content platform known as “The Search”.

Dedicated to the surfing lifestyle and the search for the best waves, the platform features stunning photography and stories told by surfers.

What Rip Curl does so well is embody the principles of its brand by even making its content marketing all about the experience, blending video, text and imagery to immerse the reader in the moment and playing on those emotions.

Screenshot of text and an image of someone surfing on the Rip Curl blog- Who does content marketing well - Copify blog

If you ever needed a concrete reason to emphasise emotion and experience through your content marketing, it’s that Rip Curl’s strategy has been so successful the brand now has 138,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 2 million on Facebook!

How to do content marketing well: Set goals – start small

It’s clear that content marketing can really bring results. A huge number of brands from small local businesses to global names are taking advantage of content marketing to reach the right audience, get them invested in the brand, and convert them into customers.

As these brands show, your content marketing strategy doesn’t need to be complicated, but the right approach that encapsulates your brand and genuinely speaks to your audience can really give your brand an edge.

✏️ If you’re just starting out, we recommend you read our post on defining your goals and start small with your marketing plan. From here you can grow your strategy according to the results.

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