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Where to find writers for my blog

As you probably already know, publishing regular blog content is a fantastic way to increase your organic traffic and increase sales. However, finding talented writers can often prove to be a challenging task that seems daunting to tackle. Well, to help you, here’s an epic 8-part list on where to find writers for your blog.

1. Job boards

Job boards, such as Craigslist and Problogger, are a great place to start your search for writers. On these, you will find tonnes of experienced and qualified writers looking for work in your industry. Similarly, they are a great place for you to post your job requirements in order to generate some decent applicants.

The quality of writers you get will depend on how specific the job board is to your niche. With a simple search, you should be able to find a board for writers within your industry, be it health, travel or anything else you blog about.

2. Social media

Where to find writers for my blog - Copify blog 3These days, everyone hangs out on social media! By using it properly, you’ll be able to find a whole array of experienced writers looking for work. To do exactly this, you have a few options. One is to head to LinkedIn and simply search based on job title.

A better method is to use Facebook and join a number of different help groups within your niche, such as DNW – Making Money From Blogging. Here, you will find everyone offering support and answers to common questions. Feel free to post that you are looking for experienced writers and you will likely be inundated with responses.

3. Word of mouth

Another great way to find writers for your blog is to use good old fashioned word of mouth. To start with, speak to friends and family and let them know you are searching for writers for your site. There’s a good chance they will know a freelance writer that might suit your needs.

Beyond this, you can spread the word further in your local community through a number of avenues. Let local shop owners know about your search and see if it is possible to place an ad for your search in their shop. Word quickly spreads in local communities and you never know who might be living just a few streets away!

4. Content agencies

Content agencies such as Copify are often a quick and easy way to get tonnes of written content for your site. All you do is pay for a set number of articles and words on the site and, within a given deadline, you will have your requested article finished. The benefit being that you don’t actually need to hire a writer yourself. However, the challenge with content agencies is finding one that has a good pool of writers working for them.

5. Forums

Where to find writers for my blog - Copify blog 4All sorts of people hang out on popular forums, such as Reddit and Quora. As well as being a good place to socialise, they are an even better spot for freelance workers to pick up jobs. Writers in particular regularly use forums as a way to find writing opportunities that are relevant to their expertise.

What’s great for you is that it is usually always free to post on these forums! Simply sign up and make a listing for the sort of writers you require. It’s a good idea to use big forums and then post on threads that receive numerous job posting every day.

6. Freelance sites

Nowadays, there are a number of sites such as Fiverr or Upwork that are filled with freelancers offering all kinds of services, right through from graphic design to freelance writing. Just go ahead and search for the skills you require and then sift through the people offering their services.

Just remember though, there are great writers on there but you get what you pay for. The better, more experienced ones will have more reviews so can afford to charge more. Whereas those charging less are less proven in their abilities.

7. Advertise on your own site

If your blog is popular, then why not go ahead and advertise the fact that you are looking for guest posts? Most bloggers have a dedicated “guest posting” page that outlines what sorts of guests posts they accept.

Over time, this page will get indexed and then anyone will be able to find it through a simple Google search. The benefit is that, in exchange for linking through to the guest poster’s site, you will get a great quality post, relevant to your niche and written by a fellow experienced blogger.

8. Check all your incoming emails

Not only might you find a freelancer reaching out to you via email, but if your blog gets a decent amount of traffic, then you will likely already be receiving through numerous marketing emails every single month. These are from digital marketing firms who are willing to pay you in order to publish a guest post on your site. Check your spam folder, as this is where such emails often get sent.

The upside to them is that they get a backlink to their client’s site. So for you it’s a win-win as you get paid to publish relevant, useful content on your site! Just remember, however, receiving payment for dofollow backlinks is actually against Google’s terms of service, so isn’t necessarily 100% ethical.

If you’ve been wondering “where to find writers for my blog”, there really is a whole bunch of different options you can pursue. You just need to think strategically about the sorts of quality you are looking for and where experienced writers will be hanging out. They key to success is being patient and casting a wide net of applicants before you even start to consider hiring. That way you can properly assess the quality and ensure you are getting good value for money.

If you’re looking for blog writers fast, why not use our team of freelance bloggers at Copify?


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