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Where to find blog content: top tips and inspiration

Blogging is a fantastic way to showcase your writing talent. Whether you update your blog daily, weekly or monthly, put enough work into it and you’ll reap the rewards over time, with dedicated fans, a high SERP ranking and a portfolio of work requiring just a couple of clicks to view.

However, finding blog content can sometimes be a challenge, no matter how long you’ve been running your blog for. It’s likely that you’ll have wondered where you can find blog content, especially if you’re running a lifestyle blog, as the recent lockdown has had a huge impact on us all. If you’re a travel blogger, you’ll have found it just as hard – after all, there will have been long stretches where leaving home wasn’t an option for you!

Despite the fact that lockdown rules are slowly lifting, you might still be stuck for blog content inspiration. Maybe you’re looking to start a blog and you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to content ideas, or perhaps you’re just feeling uninspired given the current climate. Let’s run through a few tips to help get your blog content thriving once again!

Where to find blog content

1. Look at what other people are doing

Where to find blog content - Copify blog 1This may sound obvious, but if you’re confident about your work, then it might seem like too basic a step. We can all feel like that about things we’re good and/or passionate about! However, just like all good authors need to read a lot to get their writing perfectly polished, bloggers need to engage with the ‘blogosphere’ – i.e. the online blogging community – for a few reasons, as follows:

1. You’ll feel energised by others’ blogs: seeing that others are working away at their blogs or struggling as much as you is always helpful, as you’ll feel urged on to start writing. Don’t look at this as pressure, but as a thriving online space where others share your experiences as a blog writer.

2. You’ll pick up tips you didn’t even know you needed: for example, you may come across a blog that clearly formats its posts. If you’ve a penchant for stocky paragraphs, this could be the nudge you need to work on breaking things up more.

3. You’ll see how broad blog content topics can be: looking at other blogs and engaging with other bloggers is likely to help you relax a bit about having writers’ block on blog content. After all, there is no hard-and-fast rule about what is and isn’t okay to write about (with some restrictions, obviously – try to steer clear of anything negative if you want to win a readership!). Which brings us to our second tip…

2. Work out what you’re passionate about

If your blog is fairly general – such as the aforementioned lifestyle blog genre – then it’s worth trying to hone in on some specifics. Ask yourself a few questions, such as:

1. Do I have a unique experience I could share with the world, such as a difficult living situation that I can offer advice on?

2. What would appeal to me as a blog reader? What would I choose to read blogs on?

3. What are my favourite hobbies? Would these hobbies make good topics to have an (amateur) expert opinion on?

The last point is of particular note. Unique insights on certain specialisms can garner a whole new audience who have the same interest you do, allowing you to give guidance and tips on something you’re already passionate about. Even if you think you’ve exhausted a hobby as a blog topic, there’s likely to still be more for you to learn about, allowing you the opportunity to take your readers on the same journey you take.

If you’re into fitness blogging, you could try a new, slightly more intense routine, and use your blog to document your hardships and successes along the way, for example. Dedicate a period of time to your challenge, and then when you’ve completed that challenge, find another hill to climb. Reading about someone else’s achievements is addictive and inspiring, and you can easily connect to your audience through consistent social media posts as well as through your blog.

3. Be yourself!

Where to find blog content - Copify blog 3Before you roll your eyes, there’s a good reason for saying this, which is that authentic content works. Whether your blog is for your business or for your personal interests, if it’s genuine, it’ll show. By this, we mean don’t make things up just to gain a larger audience – you’ll quickly be called out in any comments on your posts, social media or otherwise.

Being yourself doesn’t mean oversharing details about your life that make you uncomfortable. It simply means that where you can, you should speak from your own experiences. This is particularly true when it ties into a business blog. If you’re a landscaping company that’s expanding into paving, for example, don’t write a blog on paving as if you’ve been laying it for years. Anyone looking for casual advice will quickly see that you’re not an expert and go elsewhere, to rival businesses, for assistance. When your blog also means money, that’s the last thing you want!

How else can you find blog content ideas?

If you’re really stuck for blog content, or you want a blog but aren’t sure how to get started, then don’t despair! It’s good to look online for help, as there are literally thousands of writers who are experts on all manner of subjects, so chances are there’ll be someone who can help perfect your blog content (and therefore its reach).

That’s why sites like Copify are here to help. By outsourcing your blog’s writing, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck for blog content ideas. With a single topic suggestion, it’s up to the writer to come up with something new, every time – providing unique content as often as you want that will help your blog, business or both thrive!

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