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What does an SEO content writer do?

SEO content writers are in high demand with the growing switch to online for many businesses. But you might not know exactly what they can do for you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of the process by which websites can increase their visibility and prominence in search engine results pages. There are numerous components to any SEO strategy, but one of the most crucial is the use of SEO content. This content has been explicitly crafted with SEO in mind, and for best results, it should be written by a professional SEO content writer. So, what does an SEO content writer do that’s so important?

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  1. What is SEO content?
  2. What does an SEO content writer do?
  3. What’s the difference between content writing and copywriting?
  4. Why are professional SEO content writers worth the money?

What is SEO content?

To understand the role of an SEO content writer, you first need to understand precisely what SEO content is and why its creation exists as a separate discipline to general content writing or SEO copywriting. Of course, there is considerable overlap between all these roles, but there are also subtle differences between them.

The primary goal of SEO content writing is to deliver web content that search engines will recognise as being informative, entertaining or educational.

There are myriad variables that search engines consider when deciding whether content achieves any of these aims. By ensuring that their content is high-quality and easy to read, SEO content writers can ensure that search engines rate any content they produce that does fall into one of these categories highly.

As well as being well-written, grammatically correct, and correctly formatted, SEO content also needs to be keyword-focused. These keywords are critical as they determine what search terms the content will rank for. Therefore, choosing the right keywords to target is an incredibly important aspect of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Websites want to target the keywords and phrases that their target audience most frequently searches for but don’t want to expend too much time and money going after keywords that their largest competitors already have locked up.

What does an SEO content writer do?

Obviously, an SEO content writer produces the kind of SEO-focused content we have outlined above. However, this somewhat reductive summary of an SEO content writer’s job massively undersells the level of skill involved and why money spent on an SEO content writer is money well spent. So, here’s what does an SEO content writer can do for your website that makes them a valuable addition.

Some SEO content writers, especially those who are relatively new to the field or who are moving into SEO content writing after a career in another writing or copywriting position, only write the content while leaving it up to the client to designate the target keywords and any internal or external links that need including. However, they should still understand the importance of keywords and the kind of websites that would provide the most valuable backlinks for the client.

More advanced SEO content writers offer a more holistic service, meaning they are also prepared to undertake keyword research on the client’s behalf. If they already have a sizeable network of SEO contacts, they can also use these to help drive backlinks and further boost the client’s keyword rankings.

What’s the difference between content writing and copywriting?

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Now that you understand exactly what SEO content writers do, it’s much easier to explain how their role differs from that of an SEO copywriter. Copywriting refers specifically to writing text designed for marketing a product or service in some way. It doesn’t matter whether the text in question is the length of an entire article or web page or whether it’s the tagline beneath a logo on an advertisement; it’s all copywriting.

Content writing, on the other hand, rarely involves the promotion of specific products and services. Instead, content writers aim to produce content that has value to audiences in and of itself. By creating high-quality SEO content that’s informative and useful to the reader, content writers aim to appeal organically to search engine algorithms.

Google and other search engines have refined the algorithms they use to assess the value of content and assign an SEO score to individual web pages over the last few decades with the ultimate goal of ranking content in a human-like way. That means looking beyond what keywords and outbound links are contained within the content and judging ranking it based on what value it provides to a human reader rather than an artificial algorithm.

SEO content also tends to focus more on a brand’s long-term goal, whereas SEO copywriting is often designed to provide a more short-term boost. Of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules, but they do give a general idea of how the roles of content writer and copywriter differ from one another.

Are professional SEO content writers worth the money?

There are numerous reasons why hiring a professional SEO content writer is preferable to trying to produce the content yourself.

First and foremost; search engines care about quality. The days where you could simply spam the desired keywords in an article to artificially boost your search engine ranking are long gone. Search engine algorithms today are much more sophisticated and they can easily detect when a website is trying to inflate its SEO score artificially. If the content you publish isn’t well written, properly formatted, and easily readable to a human, search engines will know to ignore it.

The other primary benefit of hiring a professional SEO content writer is that they know how to work your keywords and phrases into their content organically. If you try stuffing keywords into content in a way that will seem jarring to a human reader, modern search engines will pick up on it and decrease your SEO score accordingly.

An integral part of what a skilled content writer does is to integrate the client’s target keywords into their content organically. In other words, a person reading the content shouldn’t be able to identify the keywords or phrases used because they should blend seamlessly into the rest of the text.

The services of SEO content writers are essential for any business or website as they plan their SEO strategy. Experienced content writers produce the kind of high-quality, high-value content that search engines are looking for.

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