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SEO Deliverance, Tony King – BrightonSEO Roundup

SEO Deliverance, Tony King – BrightonSEO Roundup

Tony King - SEO Managing Consultant, Semetrical
Tony King – SEO Managing Consultant, Semetrical

What is SEO deliverance?

Immediate danger of being seen as another brick in the wall, being caught up in politics an process.

Step back and review your position within the business. You need to be the guru, the go-to guy.

Deliver something that gets you noticed.


Research phase

– Know your market
– Know your competition
– Know your website

Know your competition

– Who is competing on your keywords (SEO and PPC)
– Who performs well?
– Look at architecture, redirects etc.

Know your website

– Like the back of your hand
– Purpose
– Content and assets

Get beneath the surface

– Review analytics
– Do an SEO audit
– Run a comprehensive crawl
– Identify optimisation opportunities

Expect the unexpected

– Check your robots.txt

– Audit XML site maps

– Domain management

– Redirect status

– Canonical setup

– Domain renewal

– URL management

– Site performance

Development phase

– Develop a strategy.
– What’s the company’s mission
– What’s the goal of the website?

Not always just about driving conversions.

Project scope – don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Staff and resources – internal or external.

What are the costs?

Define a budget.

Demonstrate returns

Know your limits

Build and develop a search team. 1 man bands are history in terms of enterprise SEO.
Read, debate and innovate.
Identify developmental advocates.
Define an assign responsibilities

Know your audience

Who are you pitching to?
What are their objectives?
Consider your delivery method.
Pre empt responses.

Know your plan

Start with a business case.
Let the figures speak for themselves.
It’s all about the ROI

Prepare a nice document
Date and version stamp it
Include comprehensive appendixes
Print and bind it!

Make your pitch.

Delivery is only the beginning


SEO is a long-term strategy, but execs will want instant results, give them visibility to demonstrate you are on track.

Martin Harrison

Works at Copify

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