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Now it’s easy to create the perfect copywriting brief

Now it’s easy to create the perfect copywriting brief

We’ve just rolled out a new change that is going to make life for our customers a whole lot easier. In doing so, we’ve removed yet another barrier to creating great content.

We’ve taken our experience of processing over 10,000 content orders to bring you bespoke briefing templates for each different type of content. These can be completed in less than a minute and will save you the time and effort of having to write a brief from scratch.


Previously briefs were entered into a simple text box. This was fine, but we found that some customers would miss out relevant, or in many cases essential information, which meant that writers often struggled to create copy that matched their requirements.

We have completely re-engineered the briefing process from the ground up, creating a bespoke template with different variables for each type of content.

Step 1 - choose your content type
Step 1 – choose your content type

Types of content

Blog posts & articles – The key variable in an article or blog post brief is whether it is a branded or a generic piece. This will resolve issues with clients being unable to publish copy as it has mentioned a competitor brand.

If the copy is to be branded, the writers will be asked not to mention any competitors. Also important is discovering what the purpose of the post is (inform, persuade or entertain) this will have a bearing on the type of language used.

Press releases – There are 3 key variables that have often been missing from press release briefs – the name of the client, what the subject of the release is, and a quote from a company spokesperson. We now gather all of this information at point of order. If you don’t have a quote prepared, don’t worry, the brief will ask the writer to create this on your behalf.

Web page content – USPs (Unique Selling Points) and calls to action are the 2 key ingredients in a successful web page. By providing these you can ensure that you receive copy that is not only compelling and informative, but also drives leads and sales.

Reviews – Reviews can be specified as either from a professional or a customer perspective and either positive or negative in tone. It’s also useful to provide a link to the product or service.

Product descriptions – Lots of people are frantically rewriting product descriptions as a result of Google algorithm updates. The key variables for success here are the site that the description is to be placed on (this will give the writer steer in terms of style and tone of voice) and also the USPs (not only of the product itself, but also the site, e.g. next day delivery, free returns etc.)

Bespoke briefing template for each content type
Bespoke briefing template for each content type

Once you have completed your briefing form, you will be presented with the brief that has been created on your behalf. This can be edited by clicking in the form.

The finished brief, based on your selections
The finished brief, based on your selections

Additional information

If you need to provide additional information such as word documents, PDFs or spreadsheets, these can still be attached. Each briefing template also contains a text box which you can use to communicate anything else that you think is relevant.


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