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Introducing the new Copify WordPress Plugin

Introducing the new Copify WordPress Plugin

If you’re among the 60 million people who use WordPress to power your website, you can now order and publish content from our copywriters directly from your dashboard!

Once you have installed the Plugin, follow these simple steps:

1. Place an order

Ordering copy is quick and easy, simply choose a title, a category and add some details about your requirements.

Fill in a brief
Fill in a brief, it only takes a minute

2. Review and approve

Once you’ve ordered your copy, sit back and wait for it to be written. Most jobs are returned within 24 hours. If you require any changes you can request these before publishing.

Review the copy
Most jobs are completed in under 24 hours!

3. Publish

Once approved, your copy is moved directly into your drafts. Simply format the text, add any links or images and you’re ready to publish!

Format, add links and images and publish!
Format, add any links and images, publish


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