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How to market a website company with purpose

Wondering how to market a website company effectively and with purpose? We cover everything you need to know including 3 top marketing strategies.

Marketing any company can be difficult to do – especially in this digital age with countless new technologies and tools being introduced. However, marketing a website company may prove especially tricky…seeing as much of modern marketing is carried out on a website anyway! Read to find out more about how to market a website company in a way that leads to positive revenue, not staleness or lack of interest.

How to market a website company: table of contents

  1. What is a website comapany?
    i. How to market effectively
  2. The best marketing strategies
    i. Content
    ii. Networking
    iii. Feedback
  3. Formulating a marketing plan

What we mean when we refer to a “website company”

When we speak about a website company, what we mean is a company that develops or designs websites in some form. Typically, this is a company that designs websites, including its coding, layout, navigation and functionality, and aesthetic appearance. The definition of a website company could branch out to include other types of business such as website management, website hosts, and more – but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll predominantly be focusing on how to market website design companies.

Learn how to market a website company effectively

Below are a number of popular marketing strategies, plans, and tips for ensuring your website company is poised to receive as much attention as possible. Marketing your website company well is essential because it’s this activity that generates more leads regarding client engagement, interest, and service uptake.

Especially if you’re one of an estimated six million SMEs, we recommend that you try to dedicate a decent amount of time and resources into marketing your website company well. Without capturing the interest of potential customers, you’ll have no websites to build and sell.

How to market a website company: the best strategies

If you’re wondering what some of the best marketing strategies for your website design company are, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined three core strategies that should, ideally, be used in tandem with one another to boost your business’s visibility. Of course, you can simply just use one if you feel it fills a gap in your current strategy.

Marketing strategy 1: Make sure your own content is up to scratch

As a website design company, most clients that approach you won’t know about the ins and outs of coding and similar technical jargon. They simply want a website that is attractive, easy to use and maintain, and helps to drive attention to their own products or services. When your potential customers visit your website, they’ll expect to see all of these features firsthand.

Ensuring your company’s website reflects your services well is crucial in keeping browsers intrigued. Too bland, too tricky, or too messy, and they’ll believe that you can’t offer what they require. If you want to go a step further, consider creating a webpage dedicated to showcasing your portfolio of previous website creations. Be it a blog, an e-commerce shop, or another company’s site, showing off some of your prior work gives new clients confidence in your capabilities.

If you want to know how to write great content for your website, check our our recent blog!

Marketing strategy 2: It’s all about the networking

As is the case with many industries in the creative and designs sector, website design companies often rely on building a reliable network of like-minded teams and individuals. While you might instinctively think that this is steering clients towards competition, the truth is that these relationships will often be beneficial to all involved.

For instance, many website designers often specialise in a certain type of website, be it in terms of style or function. If this is the case, many clients that approach these companies won’t be considered ideal customers…but they might be after the exact services you offer. This is where your network comes in handy. It becomes a crucial exchange of recommending your company to clientele, and vice versa – almost like a passive form of marketing your business.

Plus, maintaining these relationships helps to break down an intimidating industry and transforms it into a welcoming community to share the latest design news and more. There’s also the opportunity for collaboration!

Marketing strategy 3: Gather and showcase positive feedback

When hiring your services, customers want to be confident that they’ll get what they’re asking for. It’s easy for you to write about how fantastic your website design is, and list all of your training and experience from across the years – but most modern customers are incredibly savvy about the fact that they are still being marketed to, and will not necessarily believe everything they see and read.

That’s where your previous customers become invaluable! Ask them for feedback upon delivering their site, and you’ll be able to display these testimonials on your own site for browsers to read through and resonate with. If you want to ensure they give detailed feedback, consider preparing a brief list of questions for them to respond to. Of course, remember to ask permission to use their words on your site too.

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How to market a website company: formulating a marketing plan

Now we’ve talked about a few of the most common marketing strategies for your website company, it’s time to consider how you can implement these into your content marketing plan.

If you’re thinking of relying on your website to do the talking, the best place to start is to allocate an appropriate amount of time and resources to the project. Clearly set out your intentions with your website, including how you want drop-down menus and the cursor to behave, how you want the layout to be, and so on. Creating a checklist is a great way to ensure you remain focused on who you want to appeal to.

Should you be planning to rely on testimonials to appeal to prospective clients, time should be spent gathering a list of old customers and the best ways to reach them. Some of the most effective ways include email, text, or phone calls. If relying on feedback, don’t be pushy when requesting their opinions; this is likely to frustrate them and lead to refusal. Be approachable, open, and genuine about your intentions – the same as if you were talking to them about your services for the first time!

It helps if you go into the marketing stage with clear insight into the services you offer, and who your ideal target audience is. This way, you can market your website company with purpose and assurance. There are many other marketing techniques you can try, including paying for adverts online, being active on social media, and offering enticing incentives.

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