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How to market a B2B service in the digital age

In the digital age, the world of B2B marketing strategies has changed completely, and the question of how to market a B2B service has also evolved, with a far greater emphasis on online marketing, and far less on making cold calls. Not only this, but the behaviour of buyers of professional services has changed too – they are much more likely to do an online search to find a supplier now, rather than just following the usual print ads or banner ads on webpages.

How to market a B2B service: what to consider

There are several different ways to market a B2B service, both offline and online, and some of these include content marketing, analytics & research, email marketing, building a network, increasing brand authority, optimising your website for search engines and more.

B2B service providers are choosing to focus on online marketing more than ever before too. In fact, in 2021, global ad spending is set to reach $375 million. As well as this, mobile ad spending is projected to reach nearly one-quarter of total media spending, as more and more B2B service providers choose to spend their marketing budget online.

Creating a strategy

Marketers creating a strategy with post-its on a whiteboardWhen it comes to marketing from businesses to businesses, the first thing you need to consider is your target market. Try and make this research as detailed as possible, with as many precise and in-depth customer profiles as you can think of.

It is also essential that you find out what keywords are most relevant for your service, to make sure your website is optimised for search when buyers are looking for your service. You can do this by doing some keyword research and competitor analysis – see who your competitors are targeting in their ads, and make sure that you include those same keywords or variations of them too.

Making your business stand out online

Take your time to think about the right way for you to market your service in order for it to stand out from the competition and generate leads for you.

Figuring out your company’s unique selling points (USPs) and how your competitive advantage is crucial. Do you offer trade discounts? Better quality products? Free delivery? More experience? Make sure you know, and that you communicate to your potential customers why your business is the best choice for them.

Remain active on your social media accounts, engage positively with other business and develop a social media marketing plan for B2B.

Marketing your business in your local area

Map and pin on a smartphone appIf you offer a service or product in a specific location, it’s a good idea to think about different ways of marketing your business in your local area as well. If you offer a B2B service, such as commercial lighting or accounts management, make sure you optimise your website for your local area and include your location across your website content, even in blogs, service pages and guest posts.

Even in the digital age, it may be a good idea to use outbound marketing such as advertising on billboards, in bus-stop and local sponsorships to generate general awareness. However, this can be an expensive strategy that targets a general audience, so only puruse it if it’s right for your business and your budget.

Getting involved with local community events, attending networking opportunities and collaborating with other local businesses is a great way to boost your local reputation and this can all be done online in the digital age.

Building your network

Another strategy to market a B2B service is by building a network and this can be done in a number of different ways:

  • You can attend local networking events to make contacts but you can also reach out to other businesses or buyers on networking sites like LinkedIn, and contact clients who are likely to be interested in your business directly.
  • You can also increase brand authority by establishing yourself as an expert within your niche by blogging regularly about topics relevant to your business, creating webinars and infographics, as well as appearing on podcasts, videos or news broadcasts that will be published online.

Online marketing strategies for B2B companies

Once you’ve created the right marketing materials, goals and target customers, it’s time to get started with your online strategy. The key point to remember here is that the digital world is not just a place for general audiences, you can target far more specific criteria, making sure businesses who want your service see you more online.

Many of the most successful companies rely heavily on their website as their primary means of interacting with customers. In fact, 65% of people see an online search as their most trusted source of information, so it’s essential that your website performs well.

The basics of content marketing for B2B services

Data and analytics on a laptopContent marketing is one B2B marketing strategy where businesses produce relevant content for their customers – either in text form, video form, podcasts or infographics – as well as sharing the content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Content marketing can also be done in email form, on your website pages, as well as publishing content on external blogs or in industry publications or using content syndication.

By creating valuable content your target customers are looking for, you can build up your brands reputation, and appear more highly on those all-important search engines.

Content syndication is another way in which you can gain exposure for your business, by submitting a range of pieces to various websites with the hope that one may publish it.

Email marketing for B2B services

Another popular option would be email marketing, through which you can target certain specific segments of the market, such as new customers or those who have previously expressed an interest in your product. Getting customers to sign up to your mailing list can be a huge advantage as they already have an interest in your services, and you can offer incentives such as online discounts to do this.

Prioritise sending out emails with useful industry information. Professional email writers can be a great way to ensure your marketing emails contain valuable content which your audience will appreciate.

Whether you decide to focus on content marketing, analytics and research, email marketing, building a network, search engine optimisation, advertising or any other B2B marketing strategy, remember to remain true to your brand and its values and offer information that your target customers are genuinely looking for.

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