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How to find a copywriter for your business

Business owners need killer content to engage their readers and help them get found in the search engines. However, writing persuasive and interesting copy doesn’t come naturally to everybody, so hiring a copywriter is often essential.

While larger companies will often hire full-time copywriters to handle all of their content needs, this simply isn’t possible for smaller businesses looking to keep their costs low. If you’re looking to hire a quality copywriter for your business, check out our top tips on how to find a copywriter below.

How to find a copywriter for your business

1. Identify the type of copywriting you need

How to find a copywriter - Copify blog 2One of the main misconceptions about copywriters is that they’re all the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Copywriters are skilled individuals, so a writer who specialises in generalised blog posts won’t be the right fit for your technical eBook, and vice versa. Therefore, to make sure you find the right copywriter for your content, you need to decide on the specifics of your project.

For example, are you looking for product descriptions, web copy, blog posts or something else entirely? You also need to determine who your target audience is and the results you want to see, whether that’s driving quality traffic to your website or increasing product sales.

There are a number of different types of copywriting to consider, including:

• SEO (website content, product descriptions, blog posts)
• Creative (commercials, slogans, jingles)
• PR (press releases, statements)
• Sales (advertorials, product descriptions)
• Technical (white papers, eBooks, industry guides)

Once you’ve chosen the best type of copywriting for your project, you need to decide if you’d like the copy written by someone with experience in your sector. This isn’t essential, but it can be beneficial if the service or product you offer is more niche.

2. Carefully consider their skill level

Once you have decided what type of copywriting you need, you should also consider the skill level you require. Bear in mind that more technical content will require the skills of a professional copywriter who has experience writing copy for your niche, whereas more generalised content may not. The majority of copywriters work freelance and will be looking to build long-term partnerships, so remember that no matter their skill level, they’re hoping to impress you.

3. Create a clear brief

How to find a copywriter - Copify blog 1Following on from the two points above, the quality of your brief is essential if you’re going to find good copywriters for your business. A great copywriting brief includes lots of detail, examples of copywriting you like and any resources the writer will need to write your copy, such as images and links to your website. However, it should also include information about your company, your audience, the product or service you’re offering and the type of content you need producing. The more information you can provide, the more likely you are to find a copywriter best suited to your requirements.

As Neil Patel says:

“One of the most difficult aspects of outsourcing your content marketing is providing the content creator with the correct instructions.

“Content marketing is difficult, but outsourcing can make it more effective. Great instructions ensure that you can maintain quality.”

4. Do your research

Now that you’ve created your brief and decided on the type and level of copywriter you need, it’s time to actually find one. Hiring talented copywriters can sometimes prove to be a challenging task if you don’t know where to look, which is why it’s important to educate yourself on the different options available.

Job boards such as Fiverr and Upwork are good places to find qualified writers and they allow you to post your requirements in order to generate applicants. However, social media is also becoming an increasingly popular way to search for freelancers across a range of niches, so try joining groups on Facebook such as The Copywriters Club or doing a quick search for copywriters on LinkedIn or Twitter.

While these are two great options to consider, it can take a lot of time to review the applications and responses you receive. If your project is urgent or you are hoping to avoid having to select a copywriter yourself, you could turn to a content agency such as Copify. All you need to do is select your content needs (including the word count and content type) and upload your brief. Once you’ve placed and paid for your order, it will be assigned to the copywriter who best matches your requirements.

These aren’t the only options available, but carefully think about how much time you can dedicate to choosing a copywriter and how quickly you need your project completing before making a decision.

5. Ask for examples

How to find a copywriter - Copify blog 4There is nothing wrong with asking your chosen copywriter or content agency for examples of similar work they have already completed. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, so don’t be afraid to ask for samples to make sure the copywriter is the right fit for your business. Looking at previous examples of copywriting might also help you decide what it is you want from your own copy, especially in terms of the tone of voice and authority level you’re hoping to achieve.

But what do great copywriting samples actually look like? This very much depends on your business and target audience, but typically, they will be free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, encourage the reader to take action (where applicable) and address how to solve the problem your readers or visitors have.

Hire a copywriter today

You now have everything you need to find a copywriter for your business, so don’t forget to do your research and create a detailed brief before posting your job online. Whether you decide to hire a copywriter via social media, a jobs board or a content agency, there will be a copywriter ready and willing to help you.

To find out more about hiring a copywriter for your next project, get in touch with us at Copify today.

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