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How to build awareness of your brand

Your brand is a crucial aspect of how successful you are in your market. Luckily, there are steps you can take to build brand awareness…

Learning how to build awareness of your brand isn’t just important for big businesses, it’s a crucial factor for companies of all sizes. Brand awareness aligns closely with trust, which is a strong factor that goes towards a customer’s buying decisions. According to research from PR firm Edelman, 81% of people asked would only buy from a brand that they trusted.

If you don’t have a well-known brand name, then fewer customers will be able to effectively identify you when they’re shopping, which leads to fewer sales. This is coupled with the reality that markets are more competitive than they ever have been, which makes every sale a little bit harder to fight for. To combat this and give your brand the best chance possible, you can focus your efforts on improving the awareness of your brand.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the importance of brand awareness and outline a few brand awareness strategies that you can employ.

Table of contents

  1. Why brand awareness is important
  2. Benefits of building brand awareness
    1. Improves customer recognition
    2. Promotes customer loyalty
    3. Increases engagement with new products
  3. How to build awareness of your brand
    1. Establish a personality for your brand
    2. Consider influencer marketing
    3. Create compelling content marketing

Why is building awareness of your brand important?

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Brand awareness is how familiar consumers are with a company’s unique branding, image, services or products.

Brand awareness comes about through a few factors. It can be based on what a consumer knows about a brand from word of mouth, its market share or advertising and marketing campaigns.

Think about when you go shopping. How often do you choose a product based on familiarity with the brand? It’s probably quite often, especially when you associate that brand with a positive experience. Brand awareness also means you’re more likely to try out a new line of that brand’s products because you trust its quality.

In many instances, our choices are unconscious: we select the most familiar product or brand without even thinking about the alternatives. If we do veer off course, we often have to justify our reason for going against our natural instinct.

Brand awareness helps encourage consumers to buy your product or service over the competition. It promotes repeat purchases and drives sales, leading to a greater market share for your business as well as more revenue generated.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘there’s no way I can outcompete the big brands’, then think again. Consumers are increasingly looking for more choice, and if you can find a USP that your competitors aren’t offering, you could at least claim a small but solid corner of the market.

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What are the benefits of building brand awareness?

Although brand awareness focuses on brand recognition to grow your business, there are a number of additional benefits associated with strengthening your brand. Some of these benefits include:

Improves customer recognition

Traditional advertising is becoming less useful when it comes to drawing in customers, as 74% of consumers feel that there are too many advertisements and actively avoid them. That’s why a solid brand awareness strategy is so important these days. It creates brand recognition without inundating consumers with advertisements that could ultimately put them off. It’s a way to make your brand familiar without forcing it through advertising.

Promotes customer loyalty

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Brand awareness encourages customer loyalty because they are more likely to trust your product or service if they’ve heard about you before or perceive you to be a successful brand. When you take a chance and put time, money and energy behind launching your brand in the public sphere, it gives your brand an element of credibility. Consumers also feel encouraged to spend more when it’s a brand that they trust.

Increases engagement with new products

If you’ve successfully established brand awareness, then it’s much easier to roll out new product lines that are well-received. This is because the new line of products are directly associated with the positive attributes of the brand, which makes it much easier for consumers to try out new items or services. Again, this plays off the idea that consumers trust your brand and expect a high-quality product or service because of the name.

How to build awareness of your brand

There are lots of different techniques and strategies that you can employ to build awareness of your brand. Below is a breakdown of some common strategies that are effective ways to increase brand awareness for your business:

1. Create a personality for your brand

Strong brand awareness stems from a strong brand, so you should focus on creating a brand personality that can engage with consumers. Try to make a lasting impression with your brand and give it a voice that is unique compared to the competition.

Remember to make this personality relevant to your brand values, as this will ensure that it resonates with your desired audience. Depending on the type of customer you’re targeting, the brand personality could be funny, witty, smart, compassionate or edgy. Make sure it remains consistent with your brand and aligns with it, though.

If you need some guidance, list the most memorable TV ads, billboard campaigns and digital ads you’ve seen recently. What made them stand out? What qualities do you associate with the brand? Who are they targeting? This will give you an idea of what branding and brand voice entails.

2. Consider influencer marketing

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Ecommerce and online shopping is quickly becoming one of the most common ways that people interact with brands. Over a quarter of the global population shops online now, so focusing branding efforts toward an online audience is more important than ever before. Social media is the most effective platform to engage with an audience online, which has caused influencer marketing to become increasingly popular.

All social media platforms have their own influencers who have large followings, with interests ranging from food to fashion and everything in between. Companies can connect with these influencers to promote their brand via influencer marketing, which opens the brand up to the influencer’s audience. It’s a particularly useful tool if you’re aiming to capture younger audiences that interact with these influencers.

3. Create compelling content marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating meaningful, engaging content for an audience to attract them to your brand. This is a useful tool for building brand awareness and solidifying your company as an industry leader. If you can create compelling, useful content for a captivated audience then they will resonate with your brand and trust it.

It’s also a great way to organically grow your audience because consumers are more likely to share your content with others if it’s useful or engaging. In the age of social media, where shares and likes can catapult content, this type of marketing can vastly improve your brand awareness.

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