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How to be a successful freelance copywriter

Being a freelance copywriter is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs around. You have the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects and can often do so from any location you please.

However, there’s a reason that successful copywriters get to enjoy such perks, and it’s because they have put in plenty of work to get to that stage.

But don’t worry, if you’re wondering how to be a successful freelance writer, then there is loads of support around you. There’s also plenty of work available if you’re willing to go after it. To help get you started, here’s your guide on forging a career in this exciting industry.

Decide on a niche

How to be a successful freelance copywriter Copify 3The fact of the matter is that there are tonnes of copywriters around claiming they can write about anything and everything. If you don’t focus down on a certain niche, then you will find it incredibly hard to build a reputation and target specific clients.

However, if you are able to define a few key topics that you are great at, then you can double down and focus on building a reputation within that niche. You can target customers exactly within that niche and all of the work you do is directly relatable to your next customers.

This means you can build a targeted portfolio much faster than if you were trying to appeal to the masses. The best part of all? There are plenty of companies that need content from every niche, so you can genuinely specialise in an area that you are most passionate about.

Be willing to put in the work

Even the most successful freelance copywriters know one simple truth, which is that you are only “lucky” so long as you keep putting the work in.

When you tell others what you do, they will likely always say how lucky your life is and how lucky you are to have a well-paying job for great clients. However, there is nothing lucky about it.

It all comes down to actually putting in the hours and being there to reap the rewards. Clients aren’t going to seek you out. Instead, you need to go after them.

That means that, even if you get 50 rejections in a row from potential clients, you need to keep going. You need to realise that the 51st proposal might be the one that says “yes” rather than “no”.

Be tactful in your pricing

How to be a successful freelance copywriter Copify 2The ultimate aim of being a successful freelance copywriter is to build up a close set of high-paying clients. If you are writing for a large number of clients every single day, then the quality of your work will suffer.

But getting to that point means knowing how to accurately price your work. You don’t want to go in with rates that are simply too high, but you also don’t want to sell yourself short as you’ll build up the wrong sort of clients.

Ideally, you should approach new clients with an offer to work for a lower starting rate, perhaps half your normal rate. Though this may not be very much to you in the short term, it will reap the returns once you prove your worth and they are happy to keep you on for your standard rates.

Once you do get those lower paying jobs, make it clear they are just half your normal rates, and then put your all into them anyway. This approach will allow you to blow your clients away, and they will be happy to pay the proper amount soon.

Over time, once the demand for your services increases, feel free to increase your rates and make it clear to your clients that you only have so many hours to work. You will find that people are happy to pay you more as long as you are putting in the hours for them and producing top quality pieces each and every time.

Keep on learning

Copywriting is just like any industry, there are those that get ahead and those that fall behind. The ones that fall behind are those that don’t put the effort in to keep up with changing trends.

You should be willing to keep up to date not just with your niche, but also with the market for copywriting as well. If there are new marketplaces that come about that allow you to find clients, then get involved and build your presence.

There are always new opportunities available, and you should be active in your community. Twitter is a particularly good platform for you to engage with and learn from others in your position.

Better yet, you should be following and building relationships with those who are more successful than you and who can help you progress to the next step in your career. See our blog post on the copywriting experts you need to follow.

Finally … give back

How to be a successful freelance copywriter CopifyKnowing how to be a successful writer is a skill all unto itself. As mentioned throughout, there are plenty of platforms available to help you grow and develop. You can even take this quiz on how to reveal your chances of success as a freelance writer!

Once you do find success in any shape and form, it is good to share this with others and help them improve as well.

Giving back is not just beneficial for others, but it is great for you as you start to build your own circle of influencers and open up more avenues you don’t yet know are available. You also get the chance to repeat and hone the skills you have developed.

If you are looking to build up your experience and prove your abilities as a copywriter, then Copify might be a great place to start. You can create an account today and start taking on new and interesting orders across a number of different industries.


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