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Why should you hire freelance writers online?

Looking for the right writer for your website and business isn’t always the easiest task. Do you go to job boards or see if you know anyone? Do you get someone in-house to stick around long-term, or find someone who’ll be in and out of your business, job complete, in a week? Most importantly, if you’re considering adding a writer to your team, why should you hire freelance writers online and not elsewhere?

Why do I need a freelance writer?

Firstly, it’s important that you establish why you need a freelance writer. Some of the most common reasons include:

You’re building your business from scratch

Building blocksIf you’re just starting a new business, a freelance writer is a great solution as they’ll be well-versed in writing for startups, including SEO keywords and how to effectively backlink. This takes the pressure off you, as once they’ve understood your business model and what you’re looking for, you can let them crack on with the job, rather than requiring your guidance when you’re already up to your eyeballs in work!

You need your website rewriting

A website overhaul doesn’t always mean the current content could be better, but sometimes it just isn’t faring well on search engine rankings and audience reception to warrant sticking around. A freelance writer will be able to complete a total rewrite of your site quickly, ensuring that you’re ready to start beating the competition without waiting around for the right in-house writer to appear.

You need a more cost-effective solution

Freelancers in any capacity are far more cost-effective than hiring an in-house employee. You don’t have the expenditure of an on-boarding process; you don’t have to find superfluous jobs to fill their time, other than writing exactly what you need to be written; you can get a writer with a higher level of experience for less cost.

This makes hiring a freelance writer the only logical solution for short-term jobs, especially as, after the events of COVID-19, businesses are looking to cut costs but not corners – exactly what a freelance writer offers.

Why it’s better to hire freelance writers online

Young male using FacebookNeeding a freelance writer is one thing. When it comes to having a freelance writer writing for your business online, it’s a whole other kettle of fish – but not one that you should be worried about. An online freelance writer has a myriad of benefits: some of which are as follows…

You don’t need to to worry more about COVID-19

One of the most pressing issues regarding your business, whatever your industry, is Coronavirus. By hiring a freelance writer online, you won’t need to change anything to ensure you’re COVID-19 safe, as every discussion you have will be held over video chat. As everyone in a creative career has had to adjust to working from home, you won’t need to worry if your new freelancer is prepared for days in their home office, waiting to chat at a moment’s notice – they’ll be set up and ready to write.

Short-term contracts are their forte

Want all 20 pages of your website rewritten? Cool. Want one product description written because it’s not garnering a response? Also cool.

With a freelance writer online, they have an unbeatable level of flexibility, which means they can take on new jobs at relatively short notice (depending on size, of course) and will be happy to discuss developments that pop up so you can create a plan together there and then.

While other freelance writers will likely offer these things too, by hiring your freelance writer online, you’ll know that they’re well versed in what other online businesses need from writers like them. This means that, if anything, they’ll prioritise speed while retaining the same level of quality, because they understand how quickly good copywriting can change the results your business gets.

Send feedback quickly

An online freelance copywriter will be comfortable with making amendments based on your feedback, good or bad. If you need something quickly, you can jump on a call with them and ask them to review your comments ASAP without compromising any contracts or shifting all their other work off-piste.

You’ve found your freelance writer to hire online. Now what?

What to include in a brief

Laptop, phone and checklistThe clearer your brief, the easier for the writer and the quicker the job will be completed. It’s essential that you’re as clear as can be for this reason, so make sure that your brief includes:

  • A word count: even if this is only vague, your writer will need some idea of how long to keep their copy length – otherwise your email could end up being 50 or 500 words long!
  • A target audience: Young? Old? New or loyal customers? This will have an impact on the tone your writer decides on taking, so be as specific as possible. Speaking of tone…
  • Let your writer know how your business “talks”! If you don’t say, your freelancer certainly won’t know. One of the best ways to give a freelance copywriter an idea of your company’s language is by giving them a link to your current website in the brief, or at least some examples of past emails. As much as anything, if you’re not happy with what’s already there, they’ll understand what not to do.

Digital Clarity has the low-down on exactly what a good digital marketing brief needs. The more confident you are about the specifics of what you need, the more confident your writer will be about producing the results you want.

Discover your online freelance writer!

At Copify, we have literally hundreds of experienced online freelance copywriters ready to help your business thrive. With a quick turnaround on high-quality copywriting, we make it easier for you to send in the details of what you’re looking for to get content writing that performs. So, if you’re looking to hire a freelance writer online, it’s worth checking Copify out today!

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