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Here’s how to begin a writing career

Thinking about becoming a writer, or just interested in exactly what it is a writer does, and how they do it? If you’re wondering how to begin a writing career, or maybe what you need to start, we’ve got all the information for you here and more; just read on to find out how to launch that career, and make all the right decisions along the way too.

Have a clear path

how to begin a writing career - Copify blog 2As with many careers, stumbling into the world of writing head-first is not likely to result in success; and can be a significant step in the wrong direction, especially if you’re unsure exactly what you’d like to do under the umbrella of writing. Before you even begin working on your skills or finding relevant jobs, the first step of how to begin a writing career is to simply sit down, make a plan and decide what you want to do.

There are many different roles within writing and even various types of writing available in each field, whether it’s the creation of technical information, writing engaging stories or creating persuasive marketing copy. Starting your writing career off with a clear plan of what you want to do, and what you can do to get there, is definitely a step in the right direction.

Build that portfolio

Much like an illustrator or musician, a lot of the first stages of a writing career is building up those connections, working hard on producing sample content and creating a viable, effective way to get across what you can do. Building a website can be an excellent way to provide potential employers or clients with all the information they need to make an informed decision on your skills, and is also an excellent way to practise your craft and develop your skills, too. Anything from great grammar to an excellent tone of voice can help you stand out.

So for the first stages of how to begin a writing career, it’s all about working on you, from the way you market yourself to the level of skills you’ve acquired, and even the connections you have in the industry. Having a complete, practical and easy to understand portfolio is a must for any writer starting out, and looking to impress clients with work to hand that shows just want you’re capable of.

Research your writing

how to begin a writing career - Copify blog 4Once you’ve sat down and made a plan of what you’d like to do, and how you think you could do it, it’s now time to put that plan into action and bring it into the real world with some practical applications that can help you achieve those goals. Taking the time and energy to research the type of writing you’d like to make your career is a great way to get a more robust understanding of what’s out there in the market, and what will be required of you as a writer. According to industry giant Leo Burnett, “Make [your copy] simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”.

If you’re wondering how to begin a writing career as quickly as possible, writing is one of those careers that isn’t so based on qualifications, and more so on experience and ability. But if you’re looking for ways to evolve or improve your skills, opting to research online different techniques, utilise online tools to develop your skills and more, then you can be prepared for whatever your new career throws at you, without the high cost of formal education.

Find your first paid job

You can’t begin your career until you have paying customers, after all. While for some fledgeling writers it may be tempting to create work for exposure or promotion purposes, in the majority of cases it’s better to charge for the work you produce, to match the time and energy you spend creating, amending and working on that writing. Once you’ve received your first brief from the paying customer, you’re well on your way to making writing your permanent career.

Once you’ve completed work for clients, you can then ask for feedback to improve, complete further work with that customer or move on to your next writing job – it all depends on you, and there are many different ways to have a career in writing. It’s all about finding a balance and style that fits your business, rather than the industry as a whole.

Ask for feedback and testimonials

how to begin a writing career - Copify blog 3Often, clients want to know that you’re good at what you do before they hire you; which is why a portfolio is so essential to any writer. But what is also important is your ability to communicate with clients and produce writing that they love and that they can use – because when it comes to creating copy for your customer, you often have to work closely with them to produce content they are happy with.

One of the ways that feedback can help as you begin your writing career is that it provides proof to future clients that you’re good at what you do, and assures them that you’re easy to work with. These are important factors for anyone starting out in their writing career, as well as offering them ways to develop and grow thanks to honest feedback and learning experiences.

Go with what works for you

Like other careers based on creative skill, writing can be whatever you make of it, and there are many different ways to have a career in the writing field. If you’re wondering how to begin a writing career that’s as successful as it is enjoyable, it’s all about understanding your strengths and how you’d like to work. Whether it’s part-time income to supplement schoolwork, a full-time career aiming for a specific demographic or more, it’s important to go with what works for you.

If you’re looking for the ideal way to boost your career from the start, utilising agency sites such as Copify can provide you with an excellent base of knowledge, and the ideal way to kickstart your writing career with a wide variety of different types of writing and styles of work available to choose from. Sign up with us today to begin your writing career in the best way possible.


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