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Is it hard to become a writer?

When you’ve decided to pursue a career in writing, you’ll probably find yourself wondering “Is it hard to become a writer?”. The answer isn’t so straightforward. Any career is hard and requires work, dedication and experience, but if you give yourself the best chance, and put yourself in a winning position, then you’ll find that becoming a writer isn’t as hard as it seems.

Rather, becoming a writer is the easy part, it’s staying a writer that’s the real challenge. Keep reading as we discuss a variety of tips that can help make it easier to become a writer.

Decide which type of writer you would like to be

Is it hard to become a writer - Copify 1Becoming a writer could mean a variety of things. It could mean you want to be a novelist, poet, work for a publication, write product descriptions, blog or become a freelance writer. The world of writing is a versatile one, and once you decide which type of career in writing you’d like, you can start tailoring your experience.

Gather experience

If you are still asking yourself is it hard to become a writer, then the way to make it easier is gaining experience – and a lot of it! Having a degree won’t matter if you can’t produce examples of work and experience of your writing skills. Thankfully, there are many opportunities to gain experience in whichever field you wish.

If you want to work for a publishing company or something similar, then it’s a good idea to ask around for internships, or work experience with local newspapers, magazines or publications. Any form of experience that you can put on your portfolio is going to make your career in writing a lot easier.

If you want the flexibility of freelance writing, then gathering experience is almost a full-time job in itself. Freelance writing is extremely competitive since it’s each person out for themselves. But, there are many ways in which you can gain experience.

Blog or guest blog

Is it hard to become a writer - Copify 4If you love fashion, music, travel, nature, home decor or anything in particular, then start blogging about it! Create a free blog with WordPress and blog until your heart’s content. Not only will this give you some writing experience that you can present to a potential client, but it helps you develop and refine your writing style. Look for guest blogging opportunities too as this gives you the chance to add them to your list of clients you have written for, and they can give you a small reference if needed.

Also, guest blogging can sometimes turn into a long-term (paid) writing opportunity.

Create your own experience: You don’t need someone to tell you to write a post in order to do it. If you have topics you’re interested in then write about them! You could practise product descriptions, taglines and much more.

Need more inspiration? Then check out this post on how to make money from writing.

Find your niche

This is particularly relevant if you want to enter the world of freelance writing. As you grow as a writer you will naturally find topics that you thrive on and others that you don’t perform well with. But, in order to recognise these strengths and weaknesses, you need to gather experience and find your niche.

An excellent way to achieve this is to look for writing opportunities on websites such as Upwork, Reddit or Copify. With these websites, you will have the opportunity to write on a variety of topics such as marketing, fashion and beauty, the home, IT, travel, business, finance and much more. This allows you to develop your writing niche and style and build up a portfolio of experience. These jobs are determined by you and how much you want to take on, so it gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and earn while you are finding other clients or in-house work.

This type of experience will help make becoming a writer much easier. Need some proof it’s possible?! Check out successful freelance writer Elna Cain and her tips.

You’ll need a portfolio

Is it hard to become a writer - Copify 3It will be extremely hard to become a writer if you don’t have an online portfolio. An online portfolio is an essential requirement to sell yourself to potential clients. You can showcase your experience, samples of your work and, of course, your pricing strategy. This will set you apart from the competition and help you carve a career as a professional writer.

The great thing about creating an online portfolio is that as you gain clients, you can ask for reviews and sample these on your website too. This gives visitors even more incentive and reassurance to choose you for the job. It also gives you the chance to offer exclusive deals and discounts to new clients, or existing clients during the year.

Is it hard to become a writer?

So, is it hard to become a writer? No, not if you are determined, motivated and ready to succeed. Lots of people give up a career in writing because they think it’s too hard, but this is because they don’t have the perseverance needed to succeed. The world of writing requires hustle, and there will be days when you feel like giving up, but that’s when it’s time to push through, find even more experience and try harder.

Regardless of what style of writing you obtain a career in, you will need to work hard, but the rewards will be worth it. The world of writing is a fulfilling and rewarding one. So take the first step and start your writing career today!


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