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Brighton SEO – Phil Nottingham – Video Hacks

Brighton SEO – Phil Nottingham – Video Hacks

phil-nottingham-profile– Creating video content should start with understanding your customer conversion funnel.

– What are people searching for on your site and on Google? Create content around these keywords and themes.

– For around £1000 you can buy all of the kit you need to produce video content.

– No chequered shirts!

– Focus lighting to ensure you get a really good picture.

– Once you have your raw content – add a vignette and adjust brightness and contrast.

– Good sound is more important than a good picture.

– Get a designer to build your animation assets.

– You can outsource video production but you can’t outsource giving a sh*t!

– Create transcriptions and put them in the HTML! Speechpad is a great site for this $1/minute.

– Use YouTube keyword tool for ideation.

– Measure user engagement, not views. Mark videos with low engagement as unlisted.

– Ensure you force engagement within the first 5 seconds.

– Don’t expect that YouTube will drive traffic to your site – ave CTR – 0.7%

– Wistia is great for hosting a video on your own site – when someone links to your site, you get the link equity.

– Unruly media can help you to make video content go viral.

– Interview your customers in a video to produce egobait.

– Custom YouTube playlists can help you to create links via curation if you don’t have time/budget to produce your own content.

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