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Want to become a freelance blogger? Here’s what you should know

Want to become a freelance blogger? Great! An incredibly rewarding career path, freelance blogging allows you autonomy as a writer, leaving you free to enjoy your passion for writing by selecting blogging jobs that suit your expertise and experience. This means that whether you’re an experienced blogger (you may have had a personal blog for years) or you’re just starting out as a writer, freelance blogging offers a wealth of opportunities.

It can, however, be overwhelming to begin with, especially if you consider the stats as gathered by Kommando Tech – there are literally hundreds of millions of blogs out there already! While many of these will be personal blogs, they’re still competition, as you’re vying for audience attention wherever you are online. Scary? Sure. But don’t be put off.

Here’s why becoming a freelance blogger is definitely worth it, as well as a quick guide on how to get there.

Why should I become a freelance blogger?

Become a freelance blogger - Copify blog 3We’ve already mentioned that being a freelance blogger is one of the best ways to choose what works for you while relishing your passion for writing. However, you might need more justification to make this transition, even if just for yourself. Here are a few more reasons to become a freelance blogger, for total peace of mind.

1. It’s always the right time to begin – or end!

We also touched upon how varying experience works for blogging, and it’s time to reiterate that. There’s never a bad time to begin freelance blogging; it’s something you can jump into as a career fresh out of university, or a profession you can develop slowly having been in a completely different industry for years. The same goes for if, along the line, you discover it’s not for you. You can dip in and out of freelance blogging as works for you, so it’s not disastrous if you change your mind – just one of the reasons it works so well for many!

2. Freelance blogging doesn’t have to be your sole profession

Blogging, professionally or personally, is a great side hustle to enjoy alongside your main career. You might be in a fairly corporate role and looking for something more creative while earning in your downtime, which is where freelance blogging comes into its own. Additionally, because you can pick and choose which jobs to take on, based on time and experience, you can write as little or as much as you’d like to. So, on days where you’re finished with your main role and don’t have the energy to write, there’s no need to feel guilty – you can just relax and choose to blog another time.

3. Enjoy 24/7 flexibility

Become a freelance blogger - Copify blog 19-5 jobs are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. However, you may well still be tied down by one, which might not suit you: many of us, after all, aren’t morning people, which makes starting your day and getting to your office – be that in your home or a different building – that much harder!

Being a freelance blogger removes this issue entirely, as you can pick your own hours within the deadlines you’re up against. Say you have a 2,500-word blog post due next Monday, you can work on it exclusively between the hours of 8PM and midnight if that’s when you work best. It’s really up to you.

How do I become a freelance blogger?

Now you’re convinced that freelance blogging is the pathway for you, it’s time to begin! It’s more simple to be a freelance blogger than you think. By taking on board the tips below, you’ll be able to establish yourself as a freelance blogger as soon as you’re ready.

Know yourself

Sounds vague, but it’s true! You need to know yourself in order to start freelance blogging, or businesses won’t know how you can help them. So, when you’re putting your portfolio together, ensure you select pieces based on what you’re hoping to write on.

For example, if you’re interested in fashion, let it be known! Include an editorial piece on a designer’s new season collection that caught your eye – it doesn’t have to be actually published, but at least potential clients will know your capability and interest in that area.

The more the merrier, too; though while we’re on this topic, do include one or two pieces of writing that aren’t in that category/specialism. That way, you’ll be called upon to explore opportunities outside of your main interest, which will only help expand your portfolio and open doors.

Be active!

Become a freelance blogger - Copify blog 2By this, we mean that you should be regularly browsing for opportunities online. Business blogs are important, as i-scoop hones in on, which means that there will always be a demand for writers. Many companies will have an internal team, but small businesses in particular might not have the time to write posts in-house – which is where you come in.

Don’t just blog!

Being a freelance blogger is a great choice. However, whether you want to be specifically a blogger, or a content writer or copywriter, stay open to other writing opportunities, such as press releases or product descriptions. You never know: a client may see your work on one piece of writing and decide you’re the right person for the job based on that alone!

There you have it: how to become a freelance blogger and why it’s a great career to embark on. Don’t forget to check in with the Copify blog for more writing and career inspiration.

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