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API? WTF?  Tom Anthony – BrightonSEO Roundup

API? WTF? Tom Anthony – BrightonSEO Roundup

Tom Anthony SEO Consultant, Distilled
Tom Anthony, SEO Consultant, Distilled

In simple terms – Computers talking to computers.

Over the next 10 years most websites will see a drop off in regular visits.

Websites are going real time and going social.

20 years ago we had to make a conscious effort to go online.

10 year ago more accessible but only 40 mins a day, today it’s 4.5 hours.

How people use the web is changing, historically people used directories, then search engines but what next?

Voice search is hasn’t taken off because people feel and look silly talking to their phone!

APIs help businesses deliver results directly from their database to the customers.

Facebook is a website but people are increasingly using the app to access its content.

Everything that you talk to as a human is talking to a computer.

APIs are self service business development.

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