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5 awesome free tools we couldn’t live without

5 awesome free tools we couldn’t live without

5 awesome free tools we use every day to keep on top of daily tasks: GitHub, Streak, ProRankTracker, Zopim & CircularIO

The following are 5 awesome tools we use to keep on top of daily tasks.

CRM – Streak

Keeping track of sales leads and support tickets used to be a bit of nightmare, until we discovered Streak. Streak helps us to keep track of all inbound and outbound emails and assign these to team members within Gmail. Well worth a look if you don’t already have a CRM system in place.

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Keyword rankings – Pro Rank Tracker

60% of our visits come from Google, so it is vital that we keep a daily eye on keyword rankings. There are lots of tools out there, but we have found that Pro Rank Tracker, a ‘does what it says on the tin’ rankings tool is perfectly adequate for getting a top down view of rankings across our 3 domains. You can check up to 50 terms for free.

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Twitter – Circular

Think Buffer, but free. Circular helps us to schedule Tweets to be sent out at regular intervals. We combine external links to content marketing/internet marketing/SEO news with links to internal content assets such as guides and blog posts and schedule these to be sent out over the course of the day.

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Live chat – Zopim

We’ve found that having a live chat option really helps us to convert potential customers and deal with support enquiries in real time. Zopim is the best live chat platform we have used, and supports one user for free, with paid options for more agents.

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Dev – Github

For organisations who rely on a number of people working on the same codebase, GitHub is a godsend. We use the tool for logging bugs and enhancement requests as well as on-site copy changes.

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Martin Harrison

Works at Copify


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  • Martin, thanks for the article!
    We at decided to add a live chat feature to our website about half a year ago and tested a few apps before making our decision. We liked the design of Zopim and Chatra the most, and they made it to the final round 🙂 We’ve chosen Chatra cause it has cleaner interface with the same functionality and our agents are happy with it. My point is – Chatra is the best solution for small teams and Zopim is better for big companies.

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for commenting, we trialled several chat services and found Zopim to be the most robust. One great feature I really like is the ability to export a chat transcript, this really helps us in our sales efforts. Haven’t seen Chatra, but I will take a look!