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5 Tips For Online PR Success

Creating and syndicating online PR is one of the most effective ways of generating brand awareness and valuable backlinks. The following are Copify’s top 5 tips for online PR success.


Be Topical

Be Topical

Being topical is one of the best ways to get your message heard. In the world of online marketing, Google’s recent Panda update has been a big topic of discussion recently. Commenting on this in our latest press release helped us gain exposure not just on targeted keywords, but also on a subject that was likely to be searched for by our target audience.

Get The Right Package

There are plenty of PR syndication services out there and many different packages to choose from. Before you syndicate, check what outlets your release will be distributed to (the more the better) and make sure you can insert hyperlinks.

#5 on Google for 'SEO Copywriting Services'

#6 for 'SEO Copywriting Services' - not too shabby

Choose Your Keywords

Before you start writing, think about the type of keywords you want to gain visibility on. Embed links to targeted landing pages and if possible, insert them into your title. For our latest press release we chose a mix of long tail and generic keywords. The phrase ‘SEO copywriting services‘ formed part of our title and in the body of the release we linked this text to a landing page.

This has helped us to achieve a #6 ranking for this term.

Give The People What The People Want

Make your press release desirable to publishers by presenting the facts in an interesting and engaging manner, write in the third person and don’t be too self-congratulatory.


Adding a quote to your press release not only makes it credible, it also gives people a great sound bite and increases your chances of being referenced elsewhere.

A quote from our latest release was referenced by this kind blogger, who also gave us a link.

Agree? Disagree?

Share your top online PR tips below.