Brighton SEO Roundup – Search marketing – from Panda to Black Swan

Gary Preston & Stefan HullStefan Hull

Why are SEOs so surprised by Google updates?

Black Swan Events

– A surprise event that occurs.

– Can be rationalised by impact.

– Depends on your point of view.

Chase after your best interpretation of what users want – Matt Cutts.

Google wants to deliver the best possible search results. Has 91% of market share for a reason, it’s the best and it will continue to roll out changes in order to maintain its position.

Identify areas of vulnerability to avoid getting hit by Google algorithmn changes.

Propellernet did a survey:

  • 60% of respondents pay for links.
  • 67% of respondents say paid links work.
  • 10% said their boss didn’t know what they were doing.

Visual your link profile to identify vulnerability

How transparent is your activity? How much do your colleagues understand about the decisions the SEO team and the reasons behind them.

PR agencies want a piece of the SEO action.

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