Brighton SEO Roundup – Microformats and SEO

Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones

People using a generic term ‘rich snippets’ for markup data, but there are several different types:


Mark up data with pre existing attributes of HTML.

Full example of a recipe in Microformat


A method of marking up data with HTML 5 attributes.

Full example of a recipe in Microdata


A method of marking up data with custom attributes and namespaces. Complex but flexible.

Full example of a recipe in RDFa

See full

Microformats vs Microdata/RDFa

Microformats are simple, easy to use.

Useful for events, products etc. Pages with video etc, use microdata to describe objects that are unusual.

Marking up a Yorkshire Pudding recipe

  • Look at Recipe on
  • Add the top level class around the HTML containing your data.
  • One property can live inside another.
  • A property can have child properties.
  • A property can take data from the text of an element or another attribute.

Things Glenn is asked most: How does this effect SEO?

Answer: Suspects is a signal but more importantly is CTR can see improvement of 10% – 20% when rich snippets are present in search results.

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