Brighton SEO Roundup – Killer Market Research for Peanuts

Adam Lee

Adam Lee

Great market research:

  • Understands customer needs
  • Needs to be accurate and up to date
  • Reacts to fast-changing markets

Example one

Jo runs a company selling baby products, wants to go online understands importance of SEO. Generic terms too competitive. Builds personas around her customers – Parents

Uses social media channels to monitor discussions.

Monitors key engagement channels – blog footfall from social media tools such as Brandwatch, Klout and FollowerWonk.

Geographical data can also be gained by using Google insights.

From this insight she can create a keyword set to influence, design, layout and copy on the site.

Demographics – Doublick Addplanner can help you gain insight into your customer demongraphic, and from this you ca decide whatsites to advertise on.

Results – Segmentation research, Demand estimations etc.

Example two

Bill runs a large software company. Creates community to engage wth customers.

Observations -Uses tracking tools such as Clicktale, Google Think Insights

Polls – Facebook, Twitter, apps, – Twtpoll

Questionnaires – Email, Apps – Survey Monkey

Questionnaire Design Process -Determine objectives, resources and constraints, data collection model. Be brief, but specific. Analyse the results.

Example three

Steve wants to build brand loyalty with an intuitive user experience. Grabs attention through recall, recognition and user-testing.

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