Brighton SEO Roundup – It’s only words? Working with Content Strategy

The story so far…

Historically, UX designers, SEO, editors worked in silo on content…

Charlie Peverett

Charlie Peverett

A white hat SEO agency historically gave the following 3 tips to improve SEO

  • Social sharing buttons
  • Great content
  • Something else

But SEO needs more than just a checklist!

What do we mean by content?

Not just words…

  • pictures
  • video
  • audio
  • tools
  • data

Broadly speaking – the medium through which we communicate with customers

  • Becoming increasingly political
  • Achieves different objectives – visibility, sales, retention, awareness, engagement.
  • Expensive

Content strategy

Content seen by everyone and therefore increasingly important to think about your brand. What works for users and the brand? How is it going to be produced? Think practically about the changes that are occurring within an organisation.

Content Strategy Tips

  • Speak the same language.
  • Forget about ‘linkbait’.
  • Don’t over-optimise.
  • Use bloggers.
  • Read ‘that’ book – Content strategy for the web by Christina Halverson.
  • Know your value.
  • Search insight is valuable at every stage – keyword analysis, onpage recommendations.

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