Brighton SEO Roundup – How you can get BIG links from BIG media sites

Lexi Mills

Lexi Mills


You don’t need to have relationships with people to get links, follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Find out before you contact a site what their policies on external links is.



How do you ask for links?

  • Be up front about wanting a followed links.
  • Ask could you credit us with a link? Makes it seem more legitimate.
  • Pass the buck – my boss wants a followed link.
  • Pick up the phone.
  • Any response is a potential link – follow up.
  • Get one story published without a link, then follow up with another, if they want it, the publisher will give you a link.
  • Ask for branded, not anchor links for higher success rate with journos.

Trust – Big brands vs Small brands

Linkbuillding for small brands needs extra effort in terms of resources, you need to give more to be trusted and gain links.

Using PR Wires

Use PR Newswire and Business Wire (particular for tough niches)

  • When you syndicate a press release avoid using symbols.
  • Have a variety of natural links, 3 links to different sections of your site.
  • Use notes to editors for extra links.
  • Report DA, followed or no followed, anchor text.

PRs vs. SEOs

SEOs can be really helpful to PRs, pass on your knowledge of SEO to PR agencies to build rapport. Ask PRs for linkbait ideas.

Learn from Twitter – Follow #prwin, #prfail and #journorequest.

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