Brighton SEO Roundup – Ask the Engines with Pierre Far, Dave Coplin, Martin McDonald, Rishi Lakhani & Tony Goldstone

Morning SEOrs! Wi-fi and laptop battery pending, we’ll be rounding up the days’ activity…

The day began with some lively discussion about the general state of SEO from Pierre Far, Dave Coplin, Martin McDonald, Rishi Lakhani & Tony Goldstone

Key takeouts

Rishi Lakani – Industry needs accreditation, governing body.

Dave Coplin – You need to be alchemists, magicians, up to SEO industry be what they want to be.

Questions from the floor:

How do you optimise on-site content?

Dave Coplin – Social, Bing adds weighting towards social, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Pierre Far – Who are the users, what do they want? Rich snippets. How do you handle duplicate content. Do you have canonicals? Content is not just text on a page, its video, maps etc.

Rishi Lakhani – The best example of good content, something that can be read by search engines and relevant to query, would the user want to pass the content on to someone else, how easy is it for them to share it? The content around links and Twitter links can affect ranking.

Why is Google not displaying keywords in analytics?

Pierre Far tries, and fails to justify this as a move to ‘protect Google’s users’…


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